Peter Kozodoy – Honest To Greatness

Peter Kozodoy is a serial entrepreneur and the current CEO of Stradeso. Peter is famous for his recently released book, “Honest To Greatness,” which breaks down the concepts of brutal honesty as a key to success. Stradeso™ is a subscription service that produces your content – in 3 days or less, for unbeatable low prices – by connecting your projects directly to talented creatives, without the hassle of finding, hiring, and managing them.

Peter Kozodoy joins Jay on The Success Bug and the two discuss why he was never able to work for anyone since he was young. Why? Because “He’s a pain in the ass to manage,” that’s why (his words, not mine)! The two discuss Peter’s often blinded confidence that eventually became a large reason for his success. We learn why it’s important to ask for help, and just how willing people might be to do so if you just ask. Peter also talks about why it’s critically important for people to be informed before making important decisions.

“Is that true and how do I know?”

-Peter Kozodoy

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