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Balazs Alexa – Get Wanted

Balazs Alexa is a serial entrepreneur and the current CFO and Co-Founder of Wanted. Wanted is a career platform committed to improving job market transparency by empowering talent to be paid what they deserve. By taking the uncertainty out of the job searching process, Balazs and the Wanted team are giving young professionals hope they’ve never had.

Balazs joins Jay on The Success Bug and the two discuss his first experience with a startup: working at one. His first job being a startup in France, Balazs uncovered a world he knew he wanted to be a part of early on. Next, Balazs talks about his wildly successful college dating app he started in school: DateMySchool. He talks about his experiences working at McKinsey, one of the premier management consulting firms on the planet. Jay and Balazs then discuss the reasons that so many people want to be business owners and why they’re afraid to do so.

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