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Brad Silnutzer – Creator of Brew Haha

Brad Silnutzer is an American comedian, actor, and writer based in Los Angeles. Brad is popular for his wildly successful Comedy Show Drinking Game, “Brew Haha,” and his recognition as one of Comedy Central’s Comics to Watch. He is also popular for his roles in productions like Cooking On High (Netflix) and Penn & Teller: Fool Us. Brad Silnutzer is also notorious for having a self-proclaimed extremely punchable face.

Brad joins Jay on The Success Bug and the two discuss his journey into the world of “comeding,” which took him from New Jersey to Los Angeles. He explains why he doesn’t believe “happiness” should be a goal, and why he left his job as a teacher to pursue comedy in his 20s. Brad also explains the strange environment of Hollywood, and the steps he took to become a successful and notable comedian.

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