Amy Balliett – Killer Visual Strategies

Amy Balliett

Amy Balliett is an American serial entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of Killer Visual Strategies in Seattle, WA. Killer Visual Strategies (formerly Killer Infographics) is a full-service visual communication agency driving content strategy for the world’s top brands. Amy is also the author of the Award-Winning Novel, “Killer Visual Strategies,” which is based on the concepts that make the company so successful.


Amy Balliett joins Jay on The Success Bug and the two discuss her exposure to the business world at a young age. This involved her owning her own candy store in high school. While all of her friends enjoyed their summer vacations, Amy was building a local business. Amy also talks about the importance of not only having an idea but the skills to execute on an idea. Amy and Jay talk about her childhood in Cleveland, Ohio all the way to her move to Seattle. Finally, Amy gives her most important advice to anyone looking to start a business.

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