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Quentin Rosso – Gamercraft

Quentin Rosso is a French serial entrepreneur and gaming-lover. He was also featured on with his speech, “How I Became a Teenage Entrepreneur.” As the Co-Founder of Gamercraft, he and his team are creating a new type of tournament platform. One of the biggest problems with online eSports tournaments today is the skill mismatch. Often, most traditional tournament platforms pit amateurs against pros, ruining a gaming experience for many people. Gamercraft eliminates this problem. “

Quentin joins Jay on The Success Bug and the two discuss Quentin’s unorthodox childhood. This involved him starting and scaling multiple businesses all while in high-school. At one point, he even grew a gaming blog to over 1 million monthly visitors. Quentin also talks about his organizational skills and how they’ve helped him become as successful as he is today. Quentin and Jay talk about the uglier aspects of starting a business, and what the main goals of an entrepreneur should be when doing so.

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