Ellen Yin – Cubicle to CEO

Ellen Yin

Ellen Yin is an entrepreneur, host of The Cubicle To CEO Podcast and Founder & CEO of Ellen Yin Media. Ellen Yin Media is a boutique social media marketing agency with a proven record for generating visibility & leads on repeat to grow businesses. Her clientele has spanned multi-million dollar brands, Fortune 500 executives, best-selling authors, TV personalities, e-commerce startups, and more. She has been featured on MTV and in publications like Glamour magazine, The Penny Hoarder, Women’s Health, and Her Campus.

Ellen joins Jay on The Success Bug and the two discuss her love of performance as a child which led her to explore the world of podcasting. The two talk about her professional career in the corporate world and when she knew she was an entrepreneur. We learn the most important steps to take when looking to build a following, specifically for a podcast. Ellen also shares her top tips for prospective podcasters looking to find their focus.

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