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Jamie Mustard – The Iconist

Jamie Mustard is an expert on perception in the physical world, a strategic multi-media consultant, conceptual artist and Iconist. He has codified the primal laws of what makes anything iconic–the anatomy of what causes any idea, art or message to STAND OUT and take hold in the human mind, across any medium. His passion is to teach the science and art of obviousness, helping professionals, change agents, artists and businesses confidently and at will make their messages, brands and ideas STAND OUT to their desired audiences–breaking through “DRAG” from dilution that we all know we are all up against.

Jamie joins Jay on The Success Bug and the two discuss his unique journey to helping people stand out. He does this through his latest book, “The Iconist.” To explain, “The Iconist is based on the primal laws of what makes things stand out. In a world filled with overloaded content, this information is critical to succeed.

Jamie’s journey involved him overcoming illiteracy and growing up in the slums of Los Angeles. He was the stereotypical outcast “brown boy” in LA. Jamie opens up about his views on the importance of process and unglamorous work. He then references some of the most important things he picked up from some of the most successful people in the world. This includes Kevin Carroll, Melanie Pullen, Donwan Harrell, and much more.

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