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Angelo Damiano – Powerspike

Angelo Damiano is an entrepreneur, competitive gamer, startup advisor, and CEO of Powerspike. Powerspike is the world’s first influencer exchange for the esports space. Thanks to AJ’s passion for gaming, he realized that his main goal of the company was to give competitive gamers a chance to make it big. By connecting them with sponsorships, Powerspike is changing the way gamers gain attention.

AJ joins The Success Bug and the two talk about his first failed startup experience, which he attributes to his ultimate success. AJ then talks about his views on the old business-owner’s mantra, “Go fast and fail fast.” Jay and AJ also talk about the struggles that come with starting and growing a business. Finally, AJ talks about why he believes you don’t necessarily need to be organized to be a business owner. In fact, it can even help.

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