Paula Jones Net Worth

Paula Jones Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Paula Jones is? The former Arkansas state employee was famously known for suing former President Bill Clinton for sexual harassment in 1991.

At the time of her death, Paula Jones had a net worth of $800,000. This post will dive into the trial and her career after the decision.

Early Life 

Paula Corbin Jones was born in Lonoke, Arkansas, on September 17, 1965. She grew up as the daughter of a Church of Jesus Christ congregation member and went to Carlisle High School for a short time before enrolling in a secretarial school. After graduation, Jones became a public servant. 

The preliminary Lawsuit Against Clinton

In 1994, Jones charged Bill Clinton with sexual harassment. While taking an oath and attending the Annual Governor’s Quality Conference at the Excelsior Hotel in Little Rock in May 1991, she described an incident.

The order to visit Clinton, who was the state’s governor at the time, in his hotel room, according to Jones, was given to her by a member of the Arkansas State Police.

Jones claimed that Clinton exposed himself to her and made approaches when she was in his room. Jones brought a sexual harassment claim against Clinton, the current President, only two days before the case’s statute of limitations was supposed to run out.

Attorneys Joseph Cammarata and Gilbert Davis from Washington, DC, served as Jones’ initial legal counsel, and conservative commentator Susan Carpenter-McMillan from California functioned as her press representative.

By appearing on several well-known television talk shows, Carpenter-McMillan attacked Clinton by calling him un-American and a philanderer. As a result of Jones’ inability to establish any losses, Clinton requested summary judgment, which was granted.

Later, Jones contested the dismissal, and Clinton’s legal team disputed Jones’ right to bring a private civil lawsuit for an incident before the administration against a sitting president.

Supreme Court Jones Vs. Clinton

Paula Jones at the stand during a trial
Source: Vanity Fair

After numerous civil lawsuits and appeals moved through the US District Court and Court of Appeals between 1994 and early 1996, Jones’s case ultimately made it to the US Supreme Court in the spring of 1997.

Jones’ attorney left that summer after fighting with Jones over the appropriateness of her case conclusions. Later, Jones was defended by the Rutherford Institute, a conservative legal organization, and a Dallas-based law firm.

In November 1998, the case was resolved out of court with $850,000 going to Jones to end it after Clinton asked for the chance to be dismissed and Jones filed a counterclaim.

At the start of the following year, a judge determined that Jones would only be given $200,000 from the settlement.

Monica Lewinsky Scandal

Jones was significant in the Clinton-Monica Lewinsky controversy as well. This was partly due to the efforts of Jones’ attorneys, who were determined to demonstrate to the court Clinton’s history of sexually harassing female government workers.

The attorneys called women they believed to have had affairs with Clinton. They even received tape recordings from Linda Tripp, a secretary who worked in the white house as evidence for Clinton and Lewinsky’s relationship.

Jones’s involvement in the issue grew as it emerged that Clinton had lied in his deposition about Jones’ lawsuit.

During that deposition, he denied having a sexual relationship with Lewinsky, which was later proven to be false. In the end, Clinton’s impeachment was primarily based on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. In the end, the Senate cleared Clinton of all accusations.

Personal life 

She met her first husband, Stephen Jones, in Little Rock in 1991. The marriage was eventually ended by divorce following the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Together the two have two children, Preston, and Stephen Jones.

Jones is now married to Stephen Mcfadden, and the two are happily in love. 

Paula Jones’s Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Paula Jones has a net worth of $800 thousand. She will always be remembered for standing up for herself against one of the world’s most influential people at the time and inspiring other victims to speak up if they have been taken advantage of.

Frequently Asked Questions( FAQs)

How much was the Paula Jones settlement worth?

Paula Jones at the end received $200,000 for the settlement.

How old is Paula Jones now?

Paula Jones is 56 years old

What does Paula Jones do now?

Paula Jones is currently a real estate agent in Arkansas

Key Takeaways

Speak Up

Jones was able to use her voice to speak out against Clinton, which ultimately played a role in his impeachment. It’s important to always stand up for yourself and others who might not have the courage you do.