Diamond and Silk Net Worth

Diamond and Silk Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Diamond and Silk is? Well, the conservative social media personality and the political activist duo have been through a lot of controversies as the biggest supporters of former president Donald Trump.

If you want to know more about Diamond and Silk’s net worth, this post will have you covered with everything you need to know, including their life accomplishments, facts, and more!

As of May 2023, Diamond and Silk have a cumulative net worth of around $5.5 million.

Early Life

“Diamond and Silk” is the nickname of the two sisters, Ineitha Lynnette Hardaway and Herneitha Rochelle Hardaway Richardson, respectively.

The sisters were born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, to Freeman Hardaway and Betty Willis Hardaway.

Their parents worked as evangelical pastors and preachers at Jericho Deliverance Temple in Fayetteville.

Additionally, the couple had a private herb garden business where they sold weight loss cures, herbal concoctions, blessed dolls, pillows, and wreaths to protect their wearers from evil.

In addition to Lynnette and Rochelle (they go by their middle names), the parents also had three other children.


Throughout their lives, the two sisters were actually Democrats, but they eventually became Republicans when they concluded that Democrats didn’t do much for the cause of African Americans, which was around 2015.

Around that time, Lynnette received an iPad as a birthday present, which she used to record a video about police brutality titled “Black Lives Matter.”

Her sister Rochelle then encouraged her to publish on Youtube. The pair continued posting videos on their channel.

However,  things didn’t really take off until they started making videos supporting Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

During that time, a lot of their videos went viral, which contributed to them joining Donald Trump on stage during his campaign rally in December 2015 in their home state.

In late 2016, the two sisters did their first official field consulting work for Donald Trump’s campaign, for which they were paid $1,274.94, according to official documents.

Social Media

The Diamond and Silk youtube channel was the duo’s main focus during the Donald Trump presidential campaign.

As of May 2023, the channel has over 346,000 subscribers, 1,600 videos, and around 50 million total views.

Yet, the two sisters rarely post original content on the channel recently, as most of their recent videos are edited cuts of their other shows.

Diamond and Silk moved their content to other websites, including FrankSocial.com, ChatDit.com (their own platform), Gettr.com, and TruthSocial.com.

In addition to their Youtube channel, Diamond and Silk created official accounts on both Facebook and Twitter to stay in contact with their audience.

In April 2018, the two women posted on Twitter and Facebook, accusing the latter of censoring their content for being “unsafe to the community.”

These claims influenced the 2018 Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s hearing and the Diamond and Silk act in 2019

However, many news outlets then debunked their claims, although Diamond and Silk still insisted they were targeted by censorship.


Between 2016 and 2018, Diamond and Silk appeared in many shows, particularly on Fox News. This includes Fox News Sunday, Hannity, The Ingraham Angle, Fox & Friends, and Watters’ World.

They were also covered in a few shows on other channels, including ABC’s Nightline as well as Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign ad.

In 2018, Diamond and Silk were given their own show on Fox Nation (an online subsidiary streaming service of Fox News).

However, the channel ended the show and cut ties with Diamond and Silk following their Covid Pandemic conspiracy theory claims.

Shortly after leaving Fox News, Diamond and Silk joined Newsmax TV and had their own show “Diamond and Silk Crystal Clear,” which airs every Saturday.


On August 18, 2020, Diamond and Silk also published a book titled “Uprising: The Awakening of Diamond and Silk.”

The book discusses the journey of Diamond and Silk and how they switched parties from being Democrats in 2012 to Republicans in 2015.

The book also touches on their personal lives and how they overcame poverty and shaming by others.

Website Merchandise and Donations

Diamond and Silk also have their own website where they post blogs, news, and other content.

The website also has a store that sells a variety of Donald Trump merchandise. You can also support Diamond and Silk through donations on the website.

Additionally, the website has a booking section where you can request their media appearance on TV, radio, magazine events, etc.

Diamond and Silk Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Diamond and Silk have a net worth of around $5.5 million.

The political activists/video blogger duo amassed this impressive net worth through various sources.

The current main sources are their social media accounts as well as their TV show on Newsmax TV, although they also diversified their income by publishing a book and selling merchandise on their website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Diamond and Silk banned on social media?

As of May 2023, Diamond and Silk are not banned on any major social media, including Facebook and Twitter, despite their continuous claims that they’re being censored, especially by Facebook.

Diamond and Silk’s Facebook page currently has 2.3 million followers while their Twitter has 1.8 million followers.

Their Youtube channel is still up and active with 346,000 subscribers, although they don’t post original content there anymore.

Are Diamond and Silk twins?

Diamond and Silk are real-life sisters. However, they’re not twins, as one of them is one year older than the other.

Lynnette Hardaway “Diamond” was born in November 1971 while Rochelle Richardson “Silk” was born in 1970.

Diamond and Silk also have three other siblings, although they don’t show up in their videos or are known to the general public.

How can I contact Diamond and Silk?

Diamond and Silk’s official website has a special booking section where you can request a media appearance, including TV, radio, on-site event, online event, and magazine/print appearances.

In addition to these media requests, you can also contact Diamond and Silk through their mailing address: 7711 S. Raeford Road, Suite 102-171, Fayetteville, NC 28304, or through their email: DiamondandSilk@gmail.com

Key Takeaways

Be Bold

Diamond and Silk started as a small channel, but you have to give it to Lynnette and Rochelle Hardaway for their meteoric rise and for making the right moves, which amassed them a following by the millions in such a short time.

Although a lot of people may disagree with Diamond and Silk’s political views, they knew how to capitalize on their controversy and use it to extend their influence and social media following, all the while making more money!

With that being said, everyone is entitled to their own opinions as long as they remain peaceful and never resort to violence.

Build Powerful Connections

While Diamond and Silk were not directly affiliated with Donald Trump’s campaign, their devout support and endorsement of the former president contributed massively to their social media relevance and audience growth.

Not only did their videos become viral during that time, but their Pro-Trump videos exposed them to an even larger following when they appeared on stage at some of his rallies in North Carolina, including “Stump for Trump Girls”.

If you play your cards right, building connections with powerful and influential people can greatly improve your odds of success, whether politically or financially.

Diversify Your Income

As you can see, a lot of social media influencers and bloggers remain attached to their channels and accounts.

While this can help bloggers focus their efforts and grow a larger audience, it can be quite limiting when it comes to making a decent income.

Diamond and Silk simply didn’t leave all their eggs in one basket. Instead, they ventured out and diversified their income by creating their own platform, appearing on TV shows, and even releasing books, merchandise, and documentaries to make more money.