A for Adley Net Worth

A for Adley Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of A for Adley is?

Adley McBride is best known for posting fun content on her YouTube channel, A for Adley. Although she’s only a little kid, Adley is already on her way to internet fame.

As of May 2023, A for Adley has an estimated net worth of $19 million.

Early Life

Adley May McBride is an American YouTuber born in August 2015 to Shaun and Jenny McBride.

Shaun McBride (also known as Shonduras) is a social media guru, too. He made his way from sharing finger drawings on a small Snapchat account to becoming a famous YouTube content creator with nearly 4 million subscribers on his channel.

Plus, Shaun is also a two-time Streamy Awards winner who made it to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. He’s even considered a notable Weber State University alumnus!

Jenny McBride also appears in prank videos with her husband.

So, all in all, Adley is growing up in the kind of household that can nourish her early career as a social-media celebrity and YouTube personality.

In fact, even her siblings, Niko Bear and Navey seem to be walking the same path.

Youtube Channel

Source: Youtube

Adley starred in videos on her father’s YouTube channel at a very early age.

Soon, the McBrides decided to set up a separate channel for their little girl. So, “A for Adley – Learning and Fun” was created in October 2017.

The kind of content Adley puts out there is very lighthearted. For instance, her videos can be just about her playing with toys or spending some fun time with other McBride family members.

As simple as that might sound, she’s gathering quite the attention.

Currently, her own YouTube channel has nearly 5 million subscribers, and her fan base only seems to be growing.

Social Media Presence

Aside from her YouTube channel, Adley May McBride is also active on other social media accounts.

For instance, she has over 80K followers on Instagram.

Although it has a smaller following than the YouTube channel, the Instagram account was actually created first. The McBrides posted the very first Instagram photo there all the way back in August 2015.

However, this account is also managed by Shaun and Jenny McBride since Adley is still too young to run it herself.

In fact, Shaun McBride owns the A for Adley label and 9 other companies within his Spacestation Integrations.

A for Adley Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, A for Adley has an estimated net worth of $19 million.

Compared to other YouTubers, like Logan Paul and PewDiePie, Adley McBride hasn’t made a ton of money from the platform just yet.

YouTube Channel Views

The bulk of Adley’s net worth estimate comes from her YouTube content.

On average, Adley gets 1.5-5 million views on her videos, but some of her content gets 10 or even 21 million views.

If you’re looking for the total view count, the channel is close to hitting the 7-billion mark!

However, there are other revenue streams that contribute to Adley McBride’s net worth.


Adley’s parents set up an online store called ShopAdley for merchandise related to the little YouTuber’s channel.

The product range in the ShopAdley store includes:

  • Holiday ornaments
  • Apparel (beanies, sweaters, dresses, tees, etc.)
  • Puzzles
  • Beach towels
  • Backpacks
  • Water bottles
  • Sticker packs

Brand Deals

Yet another revenue stream for Adley McBride is brand deals and sponsorships on her YouTube channel.

On the A for Adley website, potential partners can get in touch with Adley’s parents and discuss collaborations. Mostly, they work with brands that want to target teenagers and young kids.

In fact, Adley has already done paid advertisements for major brands like Mattel and was sponsored by Zuru.

It’s not clear how much money the brands paid for those deals. However, it’s also worth noting that some brands are willing to strike deals worth $30,000 with Adley’s father, Shaun McBride.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where does Adley from A for Adley live now?

Adley currently lives with Shaun, Jenny, Navey, and Niko Bear McBride in Utah.

What is Adley McBride’s zodiac sign?

According to Adley’s birth date, she’s a Leo.

Key Takeaways

Kids Pick up Skills Quickly

Because Adley started appearing in videos with her parents at such a young age, the whole thing came to her naturally.

Many aspiring YouTubers struggle to be as comfortable as she is on camera, but she makes it look easy!

Too Much Social Media Is a Thing

Although Adley seems to be a natural YouTube personality, her parents still supervise her content and run her social media accounts for her.

After all, exposing kids to too much social media this early on can backfire!

Branding Is Key

The McBrides don’t just accept any collaboration that comes their way. Instead, they pick deals that they find relatable to their little kid.