Linda Tripp Net Worth

Net worth of Linda Tripp

Have you ever wondered what the late civil servant Linda Tripp’s net worth was before she passed away? She was known for being a key figure in the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal in 1998.

After the trials of the incident, she ran a Christmas-themed store with her husband in Virginia.

Linda Tripp’s life has been controversial ever since the 1998 scandal. Following the events and trials, she tried to live a private life for her and her family’s sake.

At the time of her death, Linda Tripp had a net worth of $1 million. In this post, we’ll discover more about her life, career, and how she amounted to such a net worth.

Early Life

Linda Tripp was born in November 1949 and raised in Morris County, New Jersey. She had witnessed her parents, Inge and Albert Carotenuto, split up at a young age.

Inge divorced Albert after she found out about his shady relationship with a colleague.

As a result, the young Linda had a bittersweet relationship with her parents. She admitted to having a tough time growing up as she suffered through her parents’ painful divorce.

She graduated from Hanover Park High School and was known to be an average student, as told by her peers.

Despite her wanting to be a stewardess, she went to finish college at Katherine Gibbs School.

Linda’s First Husband

Linda’s first husband, Bruce Tripp, was a biology major from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Bruce was also her first boyfriend, and they tied the knot back in 1971.

She had two children with him and cared for her family while searching for a government job. Sadly, their relationship ended as the two eventually divorced in 1990.


Linda’s life took a massive turn after a friend told her of a job opening in the secretarial pool of the White House in 1991. She landed the job at $45,000 per year, working for the president at the time, George H. W. Bush.

She held on to her position even after Bill Clinton assumed the presidency in 1993. However, she didn’t become too fond of Clinton and slowly lost respect for him.

Ever since his term, she’s described the White House’s atmosphere as “sexually charged.”

Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal

Linda played a vital role in the revelation of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal in 1998. Her tape recordings were evidence of Clinton’s affair with the intern Monica Lewinsky.

Linda was the whistleblower of the incident that led to Clinton’s impeachment in 1998. Despite the public’s reactions, she had no regrets and said she was only doing her patriotic duty.

Following the trials of the scandal, she was accused of being a traitor by the public. The close friendship between her and Monica Lewinsky also ended after the incident.

Linda Tripp Net Worth 2023

At the time of her death, Linda Tripp had reached a net worth estimated at around $1 million. Apart from her job in the White House and the Pentagon, she also received $595,000 to settle her Privacy Act lawsuit.

The American Crime Story series by Fox had its 3rd season centered on the story of the incident. However, it was released on September 7, 2021. Unfortunately, Linda already passed away before she could ever see the series unfold.

As the trials of the incident ended, Linda was eventually fired from the White House and the Pentagon. This was when she tried to live a private life by running a Christmas shop in Virginia.

She got married again in 2004 to a German architect named Dieter Rausch. Linda spent the rest of her years running The Christmas Sleigh with her husband, selling holiday trinkets and ornaments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who Was Linda Tripp in Impeachment?

Linda Tripp was played by the actress Sarah Paulson in the American Crime Story: Impeachment series. Paulson got her 8th Emmy nomination for her portrayal of Linda Tripp.

Does Linda Tripp Have Children?

Linda had two children (a son and a daughter) with her ex-husband Bruce Tripp. Her son Ryan Tripp was born in 1972, and her daughter Allison Tripp in 1980.

How Did Linda Tripp Die?

It was said that Linda had endured pancreatic cancer, which led to her death on April 8, 2020. This was confirmed by her previous attorney Joseph Murtha.

Key Takeaways

Be Dedicated to Your Country

As a dedicated civil servant, Linda Tripp did nothing more than do what she thinks is best for her country. It may have caused a stir with the public and the involved parties, but she believed it to be her patriotic duty.

Learn to Pick Yourself Up From the Ground

Linda’s life after the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal indeed became a rocky road to tread on. Nevertheless, she recovered and fulfilled her duties as a mother.