Henry Ruggs Net Worth

Net worth of Henry Ruggs

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of the young NFL player Henry Ruggs is? Many in the football community say that Henry has a promising future.

While he only had a short stint with the Las Vegas Raiders, Henry still earned millions. 

As of May 2023, Henry Ruggs’ net worth is $5 million.

Early Life

Nataki gave birth to Henry James Ruggs III on January 24, 1999, in Montgomery, Alabama. He was named after his father, Henry Ruggs Jr.

Henry Ruggs was very much into sports at a very young age, and his parents were very supportive.

His childhood friend Roderic Scott also encouraged him to play high school football. So, in 8th grade, he joined the Robert E. Lee High School varsity football team.

He was offered an athletic scholarship after the second game of his junior season. During his senior year, Henry Ruggs made 38 successful catches in just nine games. These catches led to 20 touchdown passes.

Some claimed that Henry got his physical prowess from his mom. She was a track and field champion in Kansas during high school.

As it happens, Henry’s younger brother, Kevontae Ruggs, also plays football. He played for East Mississippi Community College as a defensive back.

This shows that athletic genes run in the family.

College Career

Henry Ruggs’ career didn’t end in high school. Instead, he continued playing football as a member of the University of Alabama college team.

As a freshman in 2017, Henry made 12 catches, and 6 ended in a touchdown. This wide receiver hauled 46 receptions in his second year for 741 yards. Eleven of those catches scored a goal. Moreover, he ranked top 15 in the league’s receiving category.

This impressive performance continued in his junior years. Apart from scoring 7 receiving touchdowns, he also had an average of 23.8 yards per return as the team’s leading kick returner.

January 6, 2020, marked the end of Henry Ruggs’ collegiate football career. That day, he announced he’d let go of his senior season to join the 2020 NFL draft.

Henry Ruggs III Joins the Las Vegas Raiders

On April 23, Henry Ruggs was drafted into the 2020 NFL draft. He was the first wide receiver to be selected and joined the Las Vegas Raiders as the league’s 12th overall pick.

The team awarded him a fully guaranteed contract for four years, amounting to $16,671,626. In addition, Henry was also offered a signing bonus of $9,684,820.

Playing in the National Football League

Henry Ruggs III played his first professional game in September 2020 against the Carolina Panthers. It was the NFL’s season opener.

With scores of 34 and 30, the Las Vegas Raiders won the game. All in all, it was a milestone in Henry’s career.

In his first year playing in the NFL, he contributed 26 catches with two touchdowns in 13 games. The following year, he made 24 receptions and 469 receiving yards.

He also recorded two touchdowns in seven games.

Personal Life

Henry Ruggs and his girlfriend, Kiara Washington, began dating in high school.

Kiara, also known as Rudy Washington, is a social media influencer, YouTuber, and volleyball player.

While the two aren’t married, their love for each other gave them a child. Their daughter, Kenzi Re’Nai, was born on May 7, 2020.

The American football wide receiver announced baby Kenzli’s birth in his Instagram post, which he captioned “the day my life changed.”


Las Vegas Raiders release NFL player Henry Ruggs III after fatal car crash
Source: ABC News

On November 2, 2021, Henry’s Chevrolet Corvette crashed into a Toyota Rav4. He was with his girlfriend, Kiara Washington when the accident happened.

While the couple didn’t sustain life-threatening injuries, a 23-year-old woman in the other car and her dog died because of the burning wreck.

Nevada prosecutors say Henry’s blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit on the day of the accident. They also reported that the Ruggs’ Corvette ran 156 miles per hour.

That fatal car accident led the Las Vegas Raider to release Henry Ruggs III as a team member. The young wide receiver also faces felony charges for DUI driving, resulting in death.

Henry Ruggs Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Henry Ruggs’ net worth is $5 million. He earned it as a National Football League player.

Remember that he made $11 million in his two-year stint with the Las Vegas Raiders. That’s $10.4 million in revenue in 2020 and around $600 thousand the following year.

Of course, other wide receivers with longer NFL careers, like Calvin Johnson and Chad Johnson, have higher net worth estimates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it possible for Henry Ruggs to play in the NFL again?

Because of the charges he’s facing now, some aren’t optimistic about Henry Ruggs’ comeback.

Are there other sports that Henry Ruggs played?

Besides football, Henry also ran track and played basketball during high school.

Key Takeaways

Support and Encourage People

Henry’s supportive parents and encouraging friends gave him confidence early on.

So, let’s do the same with the people we love. The words of encouragement we give them could help them succeed in life.

Honor Your Inspirations

Even years after Roderic Scott’s death, Ruggs still honored his late friend’s memory with every touchdown.

Don’t Drink and Drive

Our alertness is impaired, and we judge poorly when intoxicated with alcohol. Let’s be responsible when we get behind the wheel and avoid reckless driving to keep everyone safe.