Orlando Brown Net Worth

Orlando Bloom Net Worth
Full Name Orlando Brown
Date of Birth December 4, 1987
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California, United States
Occupation Actor, Singer, Rapper, Comedian
Years Active 1995-present
Notable Works 3J in Family Matters, Eddie Thomas in That’s So Raven, Cornelius Fillmore in Fillmore!, Sticky Webb in The Proud Family
Website N/A
Twitter @orlandobrown1
Instagram @orlandobrown

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Orlando Brown is? The former Disney star and singer has recently been in the headlines for all the wrong reasons and many have forgotten his once-stellar career.

As of May 2023, Orlando Brown has a net worth of $20,000. This post will illustrate Orlando Brown’s journey to success and trouble with the law.

Early life

Brown was born in Los Angeles, California, on December 4, 1987. From a very young age, Brown expressed interest in acting and singing.

His parents would cast him in a number of parts to get him started as early as possible. He appeared in the television film Family Values, and this would be the start of his acting career.

Acting career

Brown appeared in Major Payne before obtaining regular work on television programs like Waynehead Sister, Sister, Family Matters Two of a Kind The Jamie Foxx Show, Friends and Foes, Safe Harbor, Lizzie McGuire, and Fillmore.

Brown also performed voiceovers for the hit animated series “The Proud Family.”

He has also appeared in movies like Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Out and films like Max Keeble’s Big Move, Maniac Magee, and Max Keeble’s Big Move. He gained the most recognition on “That’s So Raven,” where he played Eddie Thomas.

Music career

Brown sang on many Disney channel soundtracks such as That So Raven, Disneymania 2, and 4. He also has a 14-track studio album titled Trade it All, which was released in 2006.

Brown has a beautiful voice, and fans always look forward to his singing performances.

Personal life

During an appearance on a Dr. Phil broadcast in 2018, Brown made false claims, including that he was the late singer Michael Jackson’s son.

Since visiting Dr. Phil, Brown has opened up about his past issues and spoken candidly about his mental illness issues and drug abuse.

His wife Danielle Brown has helped him cope with his issues and Browns credits her for attempting to keep him heading in the right direction.

Orlando Brown has been imprisoned numerous times over the years. He was taken into custody in 2016 and charged with domestic violence and drug possession.

He was detained in January 2018 on suspicion of possessing drugs, assaulting a police officer, and using force.

In September 2018, he was jailed for the fourth time after being caught trying to break into a restaurant.

Orlando was imprisoned once more in December 2022 for offenses connected to domestic abuse.

He was accused of using a knife and a hammer to attack his sibling this time. Because Orlando is homeless and cannot afford it, his brother informed the police that he did not want Orlando to check into a shelter.

Orlando Brown Net Worth Growth

Year Net Worth Contribution
1995 $50,000 Debut in Major Payne
1996 $100,000 Role in Family Matters
1998 $200,000 Role in Two of a Kind
2001 $300,000 Role in Max Keeble’s Big Move
2003 $500,000 Role in That’s So Raven
2007 $1 million Music collaborations with Akon, T-Pain, etc.
2016 $2,000 Legal troubles and addiction issues
2022 $20,000 Attempted comeback with Bloody Hands

Orlando Brown Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Orlando Brown has a net worth of $20,000. Brown, at one point, was one of the best young actors in the industry and a fan favorite amongst children worldwide.

Unfortunately, as he got older, he couldn’t build on his successful career and went down the wrong path. However, many hold his childhood actor moments dearly, and his work will always be appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Orlando Brown Still Act?

Brown hasn’t appeared in a movie or television show in years and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything lined up in the future.

Does Orlando Brown have kids?

Brown has a two year old son named Frankie.

Is Orlando Brown Sober?

Brown is on the road to recovery, and is in the process of overcoming his drug addiction.

Key Takeaways

Allow your child to dream chase

Often, parents attempt to mold their children into who they want them to be, which can be detrimental to their growth, Brown’s parents listened to him, and therefore he was able to start his acting career early.

Always allow your kid to chase their dreams and guide them along their journey.

Take care of yourself.

Brown’s issues seem to have started with drugs and alcohol abuse, and it can be easy to slip into poor habits.

It’s essential not to lose focus on the importance of mental and physical health. If you don’t take care of those things, your life can be consumed by all the wrong things and lead you astray.