Don Francisco Net Worth

Don Francisco Net Worth

Have you ever wondered about Don Francisco’s net worth? For someone who has been a talk show host for over 50 years, you’d expect a generous net worth, and you’d be right!

Don Francisco, or Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld, is an 81-year-old television host from Chile who’s best known for his variety shows: Don Francisco Presenta and Sábado Gigante.

As of May 2023, Don Francisco has a net worth of $220 million.

Early Life

On December 28, 1940, Kreutzberger was born in Tacla, Chile to Erick Kreutzberger and  Anna Blumenfeld Neufeld.

Because of World War II, his parents fled from Germany to South America in search of a better life.

When Kreutzberger was 15, his dad sent him to the United States to continue his studies and pursue a fashion design career.

That’s when Kreutzberger found his passion for television, and his interest shifted from fashion design to appearing in front of cameras. He wanted to become a talk show host.

When he came back to Chile, he spent an entire year learning all the television technical aspects at the Catholic University of Chile.

Don Francisco’s Career

Here are the highlights of Kreutzberger’s career:

Sábado Gigante (Also Known as Sábados Gigantes)

In August 1962, Don Francisco made his first big television debut. He started a TV show that he named “Show Dominical,” which is Spanish for “Sunday’s Show.” Needless to say, it was a Sunday night talk show.

Shortly after, the broadcast was moved to Saturdays instead of Sundays, changing the show’s name to “Sábado Gigante,” or “The giant Saturday.”

This show was aired on Canal 13 in Chile, and Francisco implemented many of the American television concepts in it.

Because the idea was new to Chile, the show took the tv industry by storm. It became an instant hit, and was aired almost every Saturday for 53 years!

On April 18, 2015, Don Francisco announced that the show will end in a few months. Sábados Gigantes came to an end on September 19, 2015.

The fans knew that the show would come to an end, and that’s why the final episode, “Hasta Siempre,” had a sensational 6.7 million views!

Don Francisco Presenta

This talk/reality show started airing much later than Sábados Gigante. To be more specific, it first aired on October 11, 2001.

Don Francisco Presenta aired every Wednesday at 10 pm and was more serious than Sábado Gigante, but it wasn’t as popular. It only stayed around for 9 years until it was finally time to pull the plug on November 3, 2010.

Don Francisco Te Invita

Don Francisco didn’t leave his fans waiting too long after Sábados Gigantes finished. On October 9, 2016, Don Francisco Te Invita came to life.

This conversation show was considered by many to be a successor to Sábado Gigante and Don Francisco Presenta, but it only lasted a couple of years before it was canceled in 2019.

Reflexiones Con Don Francisco

Despite being 81 years old (as of November 2022), Don Francisco is still enjoying being the star of the show.

In 2021, he started Reflexiones Con Don Francisco, and, as of writing this article, there are 5 seasons and it’s still going!

Don Francisco’s Charity Work

Don Francisco was very much involved in charity work. In 1978, he started the Telethon Logremos un Milagro which stands for “We Will Achieve a Miracle.”

This ambitious campaign aimed at raising money for building hospitals in Chile for disabled children.

In the 2000s, the telethon managed to extend its help to children outside Chile as well.

In 1992, when Florida had the unfortunate event of Hurricane Andrew, Don Francisco then led a campaign to help rebuild Florida.

Other Achievements

Don Francisco’s appearance on screen wasn’t restricted to the four shows mentioned. Here is some more work by Don Francisco:

  • Noche de Gigantes (Television film)
  • Las Caras de La Moneda (4-season TV show)
  • Siempre Niños (1-season TV show)
  • El Club de Los Tigritos (3-season variety show)
  • Atrapa Los Millones (4-season host of the Spanish version of Who wants to be a millionaire)
  • Testigos del silencio (Documentary film “Witnesses of Silence”)


  • Ondas Award for Latin American Television: For having one of the most outstanding TV careers — 2012
  • TVyNovelas Awards Special Award: For having the longest-running TV show (50+ years of Sábado Gigante on television) — 2012
  • Lo Nuestro Awards: Lifetime Achievement — 2012
  • Television Academy Hall of Fame (Don Francisco Boulevard) — 2012

Don Francisco Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Don Francisco has a net worth of $220 million. He earned his vast fortune over more than 55 years of hosting TV shows.

Even at 81 years old, Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld is still following his passion and appearing on screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did Don Francisco Pass Away?

There was some fake news in 2003’s about Don Francisco passing away, but it turns out that it was an April Fool joke. As of November 22, He’s still alive and kicking.

Is Don Francisco Still Working?

Don Francisco is currently working on Don Francisco: Reflexiones 2021. It’s a limited series on CNN that runs from February 15 to 26 at 9 pm.

Why Is He Called Don Francisco?

Don Francisco adapted this name because he was told that his real name, Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld, is difficult to pronounce.

Key Takeaways

Follow Your Passion

Despite starting out in a fashion design career, Don Francisco directed his attention to what he loved doing the most. It turned out so well for him.

The point here is that you’ll need to exert a lot of effort for everything, so it might as well be something you love.

Embrace The Change

Sábado Gigante was an instant hit because of how it brought some North American vibes to Chile.

Don Francisco took his time, and then he applied the changes perfectly, leading to a 53-year-old show!

Age Is Just A Number

Despite being 81 and having a fortune of over 200 million dollars, Mario Luis Kreutzberger Blumenfeld is still appearing on screen.

You don’t have to retire if you don’t want to. If you love doing something, then keep doing it for as long as you feel like it.