Zendaya Net Worth

Zendaya net worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Zendaya is? The remarkable actress is the youngest winner of an Emmy for outstanding lead.

Counted among the 100 most influential people of 2022, the Spider-Man actress is known for her extraordinary work and versatility.

Zendaya is also considered one of the busiest actors in Hollywood who is eagerly taken into projects, justifying Zendaya’s massive net worth.

The incredibly talented Zendaya is counted among the most impressive 25-year-olds in the world. Her work has helped her become a well-known figure in the entertainment industry.

As of January 2023, Zendaya’s net worth is calculated to be around $20 million.

In this post, we walk you through the journey of this fan-favorite actress and find out how Zendaya was able to amass such huge wealth. 

Early Life

Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman was born September 1st, 1996. She is the only children of her parents, Claire Stoermer and Kazembe Coleman.

She participated in school plays all throughout middle school and later enrolled in Oak Park High School.

Zendaya was acting and dancing from a very young age, and became known throughout various theaters for her unparalleled performances.

After moving to Los Angeles with her family, Zendaya pursued her passion more enthusiastically.


Zendaya Coleman arrives for the 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' World Premiere

From being a backup dancer in a commercial starring Selena Gomez to working as a fashion model, Zendaya began her career in ads. She would then transition into the big screens and take the world by storm.

Zendaya appeared in one of the leading roles in the Disney Channel series, Shake It Up, which turned out to be a breakthrough and turning point in her career. The show ran for three years, and Zendaya simultaneously recorded her debut song and the first of her many music videos.

Zendaya got the opportunity to work in other Disney Channel series and Disney movies. She was also a contestant in a dancing show where Zendaya and her partner came second.

It was in the year 2013 that Zendaya released her debut solo single as well as an album that got on the top charts of US Billboards. It was the beginning of her music career.

Zendaya appeared in films, she also dipped her toes in the voice industry. She voiced a role in the movie “Supper Buddies.” She also said Lola Bunny.

Her self-titled debut album, Zendaya, also grabbed a spot on the Billboard charts. She has appeared as a guest star in many films, such as Black-ish and Undercover.

She has also been an outstanding lead actress in the popular Spider-Man: Far From Home movie Zendaya is now at the pinnacle of her acting career, making her one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood.

Using Privilege For Service

Zendaya Coleman arrives for the 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' World Premiere

Despite Zendaya’s net worth, she chooses to do precisely the opposite instead of enjoying the comforts bestowed on her.

Zendaya uses the privilege bestowed on her by her professional career to raise awareness about the racial disparity in Hollywood. She is vocal about her thoughts and feelings and leverages her platform to raise her concern.

While appearing in an interview, she aired her thoughts about the difficulties people of color have to face and how much more needs to be done to make equality a norm.

Zendaya has been working to create more space and opportunities for women of color in Hollywood.

A Close Bond With Her Parents

Zendaya shares a very strong bond with her parents when it comes to her personal life, which explains why the actress chose to live with her parents despite being the owner of several homes herself.

Following Leonardo DiCaprio and Beyonce’s likes, the actress bought a home for her father. The impressively built home is tucked away in one of the posh and upscale neighborhoods on the outskirts of Los Angeles.

Zendaya’s Net Worth 2023

As of January 2023, Zendaya’s net worth is calculated to be around $20 million.

A lavish lifestyle is a right for someone who has worked hard to earn this much money. Zendaya Coleman, like all other rich celebs, enjoys the money she makes by spending on things and the lifestyle she desires.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is Zendaya’s salary?

It is hard to estimate how much Zendaya earns since she has various sources of income. However, it is estimated that Zendaya earns around $2.5million per year.

How old is Zendaya?

Being born in 1996, she is 26 years old now.

Is Zendaya married?

No. However, she has often been linked with some of her co-stars. Co-star Tom Holland is one of them, although she has not confessed to her relationship publicly.

What is Zendaya’s Euphoria salary?

Zendaya made $50,000 per episode in HBO’s Euphoria.


Apart from a residence in Brooklyn’s Quay Tower, Zendaya has a stunning house in Los Angeles. She has rented out her Brooklyn residence, which gets her an additional $16,000 monthly, supplementing her income.

She lives in her luxurious abode, built in the 90s, in Los Angeles, which is no less than what any celebrity chooses to reside in. She has also made several other real estate investments.

Luxury Rides

Zendaya has often been spotted driving her luxurious cars that cost millions of dollars. From owning a Cadillac to a Lexus Gs, one of her oldest, the actress is proud of many costly vehicles that come in sleek and luxurious designs.

Love For Designer Bags

When you earn so much, indulging in things you love is natural and justified. Zendaya loves designer bags and owns an impressive shoe collection, which she is always seen flaunting on the red carpet.

Whether it is a crossbody bag by Prada or a tote Valentino bag, the actress continues to stun with her remarkable style and bag displays.

Key Takeaways

Zendaya’s fancy journey has a story at its back that speaks volumes about her commitment, enthusiasm, and compassion, which all got her where she is today.

Always Be Prepared

One thing to be amazed by that Zendaya teaches you is to always come prepared. Whichever role she is selected for, she spends months perfecting her skills to be able to perform them. From performing her stunts to walking down the ramps, her quality is well reflected in all her work.

Grab The Opportunities That Come Your Way

Zendaya is admired for her grabbing of opportunities whenever they come by. One of the many reasons she is now renowned and celebrated Hollywood star.

She believes in doing something for yourself whenever the opportunity arises without hesitating to leap.

Have Faith In Your Capabilities

From a very young age, Zendaya has worked and consistently broken the barriers that come her way.

She has fought for the roles through hard work that was otherwise considered best for white women.

She firmly believes in her capabilities; because of this, Zendaya has never shied away from trying things that take people out of their comfort zone.