Jonah Hill Net Worth

Jonah Hill Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Jonah Hill is? Well, the actor, filmmaker, and comedian is a megastar and worth a fortune.

As of May 2023, Jonah Hill has a net worth of $95 million.

He is famously known for his roles in comedic roles in films including Superbad, Knocked Up, and 21 Jump Street. This post will illustrate how he achieved such great success.

Early Life

Jonah Hill Feldstein was born in Los Angeles, California, on December 20, 1983. His mother, Sharon Lyn, is a costume designer. His father, Richard Feldstein, is an entertainment industry accountant who has worked with bands like Guns N’ Roses.

He graduated from Santa Monica’s Crossroads School and moved on to numerous colleges before settling in New York City. He began writing and performing his plays in the East Village throughout college.

Early Stages

His plays gathered a small audience and helped him understand that acting in films was his true calling. Rebecca and Jake Hoffman befriended him and introduced him to their father. Their father urged Hill to audition for the role of I Heart Huckabees, in which he made his film debut. 

Hill then made a brief appearance in Judd Apatow’s directorial debut, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, which led to him playing a virgin video game tester in the comedy Grandma’s Boy (2006) and appearances in the comedies Accepted and Click.

He had a key supporting role in the Apatow-directed Knocked Up (2007). In the first season of the Oxygen Network sitcom Campus Ladies, he played the “RA Guy,” and he was featured as a guest star in an episode of Clark and Michael. 

He co-starred with Michael Cera in the Apatow-produced comedy Superbad as the film’s authors, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. 

The film was a hit and launched both actors’ careers. He had an uncredited appearance as Dewey Cox’s grown-up brother Nate in Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story in December 2007.

The following year he hosted Saturday Night Live on March 15, 2008, with musical guest Mariah Carey. 

He then starred opposite Adam Sandler, Eric Bana, and Seth Rogen in Judd Apatow’s third directorial feature, Funny People (2009). He played Cooker in Fred Wolf’s Strange Wilderness.

By this point in his career, Hill had established himself as one of the best young and upcoming actors and was well respected by his peers.

Superstar Status

In 2011, Hill co-starred in Bennett Miller’s feature film Moneyball alongside Brad Pitt and Philip Seymour Hoffman. It garnered favorable feedback.

Critics complimented Hill’s portrayal as a departure from his usual humorous performances. 

In late January 2012, he received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Performance in a Motion Picture; and his first Oscar nomination for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for the role.

Hill appeared alongside Channing Tatum in the 2012 film 21 Jump Street. It received an 84 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Later that year, Hill starred alongside Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn in The Watch

Hill expressed dissatisfaction with his dedication to The Watch, claiming that playing in a Tarantino picture would be “the right next step” in his career. He was asked to join the cast of Django Unchained in a minor role.

Hill played himself in the 2013 film, This Is the End and the biographical drama The Wolf of Wall Street, alongside Leonardo Dicaprio. The film earned him his second Academy Award nomination.

Since then, Hill has been a familiar face within the industry and has appeared in countless movies with great box office success.

Business Ventures

Jonah Hill on directing


Source: Premium Beat

Hill has always wanted to be a writer and hoped to work on the writing staff of The Simpsons, Saturday Night Live, and The Larry Sanders Show. Hill was formerly working on a screenplay with a close friend, and I Heart Huckabee’s co-star Jason Schwartzman.

Hill co-produced the film Brüno and wrote for Sacha Baron Cohen, who “taught him how to become a better writer.” Hill worked with screenwriter Michael Bacall on the treatment for the 2012 film 21 Jump Street.

Hill directed the music videos for Sara Bareilles’s song “Gonna Get Over You” from her 2010 album Kaleidoscope Heart. He also directed the song “Ain’t It Funny” from Danny Brown’s 2016 album Atrocity Exhibition and “Wake Up” from Travis Scott’s 2018 album Astroworld.

He recently told the world via Instagram that he plans to pursue a professional career in photography. The announcement was delivered alongside stunning captured photos of celebrities like Kim Kardashian.

Jonah Hill Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Jonah Hill has a net worth of $95 million. His wealth mainly comes from his highly successful acting career. However, writing, directing, and producing, had contributions as well.

Hill has a massive following and is adored by all of his fans. As time goes on, it’s safe to say we will continue to see his face on the big screens.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are Jonah Hill and Leonardo Dicaprio friends?

During the global press conference for the movie “Don’t Look Up,” Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill discussed their friendship and chemistry.

DiCaprio said, “Look, I’ll just start right out of the gate and say he is an absolute genius, this young man, this friend of mine.” Hill said DiCaprio was “a loyal friend” and that their friendship started back when they filmed Django Unchained in 2012.

How much did Jonah Hill make from Wolf of Wall Street?

On the Howard Stern show on January 21, 2014, Hill said he only made $60,000 for Wolf of Wall Street. This was the Screen Actor’s Guild minimum wage.

He said he took a pay cut because he wanted the opportunity to work with Martin Scorsese.

What is Jonah Hill’s height?

Hill stands at 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Key Takeaways

Everyone Starts Somewhere: Hill started out by making a few people laugh in the east village, which sparked his ambition to become an actor. Now he’s worth millions and has starred in multiple hit movies. Starting out for any goal is always tough, but even the greats, at one point, were just beginners. Embrace the process, and never stop pursuing your passions.

Net Worth is Just a Number: Yes, Hill is a millionaire. But that number doesn’t matter as much as his happiness and what he’s done with his life. He’s followed his dreams and achieved great success because of it. No matter your net worth, always strive to be happy and live a fulfilling life.