James Charles Net Worth

James Charles Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of James Charles is? Well, the American beauty YouTuber and makeup artist has successfully branded himself and is worth millions.

As of May 2023, James Charles has a net worth of $22 million. This post will guide you through his journey of success.

Early Life

Charles was born in Bethlehem, New York, on May 23, 1999. At twelve years old, he came out gay to his parents and was very confident in himself and his identity.

He would go on to attend Bethlehem Central High School, where he graduated in 2017. Unfortunately, throughout his high school experience, he was often bullied for his sexuality. 

He would not let the bullying get to him and would start doing cosmetics as a hobby. Charles began working as an amateur hairstylist and makeup artist, practicing with friends for their school dances. 

This would be the start of a genuine passion, and he expanded to do makeup professionally for girls in the area.

Charles realized he had a talent that could be shared and turned to YouTube as an outlet to express his art to others. 


Chaarles with a beautiful face of makeup
Source: Tubefilter

Charles started his YouTube channel in December 2015 and began posting makeup tutorials there.

After gaining a following, he would catch the eye of the cosmetics brand CoverGirl. Two years later, he would become their first male brand ambassador.

The move generated massive buzz on social media, and he made his first appearance in an advertisement for CoverGirl’s So Lashy mascara.

He would capitalize on his popularity and start his clothing line (Sister Apparel) and makeup collection (Sister Collection)

His success as a makeup artist caused his YouTube following to grow tremendously. By 2019 he had 10 million subscribers on his channel, and it became one of the biggest cosmetics channels on YouTube.

Since the launch of his channel, Charles has done makeup on and worked with many celebrities such as Lil Nas X, Addison RaeCharlie D’Amelio, and JoJo Siwa

He has also appeared in two web series, The Secret World of Jeffree Star and Nikita Unfiltered

Charles has become one of the country’s most prominent social media personalities, allowing him to earn large amounts of wealth. 

James Charles Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, James Charles has a net worth of $22 million. Most of his earnings are from his Youtube Channel, where he earns roughly $80,000 per video.

His brands and collaborations with other makeup artists and celebrities also contribute to his wealth.

Charles has gained millions of fans worldwide; as time goes by, it’s safe to say his following will only continue to grow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did James Charles go blind?

He is legally blind.

How did James Charles get famous?

James Charles, began his rise to fame in 2015, after starting to upload his makeup tutorial videos to YouTube.

How old was James Charles when he was groomed?

He was 16 when he groomed.

Key Takeaways

Stay Strong

Charles was bullied throughout high school for his sexuality but did not waiver, he stayed focused, and now he is worth millions. It’s important not to let others influence your character. Stay true to yourself no matter what. 

Do what you love

 Charles found his passion for cosmetics early and never looked back. As kids, we all have big dreams and aspirations of what we want to be when we grow up.

Then as adults, we stop chasing the things we love to do and work for others. Always keep in mind your true passions and never stop chasing your dreams.