Lil Nas X Net Worth

Lil Nas X Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Lil Nas X is? Well, the rapper and songwriter are already worth millions.

He is famously known for his hit country single Old Town Road.

As of May 2023, Lil Nas X has a net worth of $7 million.

Lil Nas X has had a unique path to success, and this post will dive into his journey.

Early Life

Lil Nas X, formerly known as Montero Lamar Hill, was born in Lithia Springs, Georgia.

He grew up in Bankhead Courts in Atlanta, and his parents divorced when he was six. His mother and grandmother raised him. 

He would then move in with his father, a gospel singer, and attend Lithia Springs Highschool.

As a teenager, he wasn’t among the popular kids; therefore, he turned to social media to express himself and connect with others.

Hill was also struggling with embracing his sexuality during his youth. It was challenging for him to accept that he might be gay, and he had hoped what he was experiencing was just a phase.

Ultimately Hill came to accept his sexuality around the age of 17 and could comfortably move forward with his life.

He would graduate from Lithia Springs Highschool and attend the University of West Georgia majoring in computer science. 

He would only spend a year there and would drop out with the ambition to start a music career.


Lil Nas X sitting in a couch
Source: The Things

Before making a single song, Hill established himself as a social media personality.

He would make funny comedy videos on Facebook and vine and thought-provoking memes on Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter was where he would go viral, and he was the owner of a Nicki Minaj fan account, @NasMaraj, which gained popularity because of its scenario-style tweets.

Hill would go viral on Twitter but felt that music was a better path for him, and in late October, he came across a beat that would change his life forever.

Old Town Road

Hill would purchase the beat for Old Town road for 30 dollars from dutch producer YoungKio. Hill wound up recording the song at Humble studio in Atlanta. 

Being very familiar with social media, Hill understood that if he could somehow make this song go viral from a meme or video, it would do great numbers on the charts.

He would go on to make over 100 memes for the song!

The song went viral on Tik Tok due to the #Yeehaw challenge, where users would dress up as a wrangler or cowgirl and use the song as audio for their videos.

TikTok is a relatively new app; most of its users are people of the younger generation who tend to gravitate to catchy repetitive music.

The app made Old Town Road a colossal success due to its tuneful and straightforward sound.

The song would debut at 83 on billboard 100, quickly climb the charts, and reach number one. It would also gain a feature from renowned country singer Billy Ray Cyrus on April 5, 2019.

The featured song would surpass Drake’s record for most US streams, with 143 million streams in the first week. By August 19th, 2019, it had streamed over a billion plays on Spotify alone.

The song was the biggest song of 2019 and arguably the biggest song ever, spending an astounding record-breaking 19 weeks at number one on the Billboard top 100.

The success of Old Town Road led to Hill receiving positive attention and notoriety from the media, and he would use that platform to branch into fashion.


Noted for his excellent fashion sense, in 2019, Vogue Magazine credited Hill for bringing new life to the cowboy aesthetic.

His outfits are usually consistent with electric loud, and playful colors that are very attention-grabbing. 

In 2020, Hill modeled in a trailer video for Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, The following year, he partnered with New York-based art collective MSCHF to release a pair of Nike Air Max 97s.

The shoes were “Satan” themed, with a red-black colorway, and had “666” and “Luke 10:18” inscribed on the side.

In both biblical references to satan, only 666 pairs of shoes were made, and each shoe contained one drop of human blood. 

The shoes were released for $1,018 and sold out immediately. 

The shoe received backlash from Nike, who claimed to have no involvement with the shoe’s creation. Hill was also criticized tremendously for influencing people to worship the devil.

Hill’s motives for creating the shoe were to emphasize the idea that being queer is a sin, and therefore queer people would not go to heaven.

He brilliantly embraced the unfair anti-LGBT rhetoric conveyed by some believers of Christianity and used it to make a profit.

While controversial, the shoe’s creation shows that Hill is not afraid to challenge social norms.

He is willing to put his name on the line to stand up for the rights of the people of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Lil Nas X Net Worth

As of May 2023, Lil Nas X has a net worth of $7 million. He has earned his wealth through social media, music, and fashion.

Lil Nas X released his first studio album, Montero, in September 2021, and it opened at number 2 on the Billboard 200 chart!

At only 23, he has a massive following, which will only help his music career grow as they will show support and keep his songs high on the charts.

Key Takeaways

Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying

Lil Nas X created hundreds of memes for his song, and only one went viral, which led to the song being number one on the billboards.

Failure was a given for him, but he knew one meme would go viral if he kept trying. This is the mindset everyone must have; every failure you have brings you one step closer to success.

Know yourself

 Lil Nas X struggled with his sexuality initially but could find peace within himself, which enabled him to focus on his career.

You have to fix yourself internally first if you want to achieve external goals. The most critical battle in life is the one within, conquer that, and everything else is simple.