How Is The Net Worth Of Yungeen Ace $4 Million?

December 30, 2021

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Yungeen Ace is? As a prominent, rising rap artist, the man has definitely begun building a name for himself. You’d be surprised to learn, however, that the road was not always easy for Yungeen Ace. Nonetheless, his struggles kept him motivated and he was able to see out a bright future. In this post, we’ll show you how Yungeen Ace built his net worth of $4 million dollars and what you can learn from his story.

Early Life

Yungeen Ace net worth
Source: XXL Mag

Keyanta Bullard, or better known as Yungeen Ace, was born on February 12, 1998, in Jacksonville, Florida. His father was unfortunately murdered when he was only three years old. From then on, he primarily lived with his mother. This placed a huge financial burden on his mother as she now had to raise Yungeen Ace and his twelve other siblings. Yungeen Ace has stated in interviews before that the family of twelve constantly moved in and out of shelters.

By the age of thirteen, Yungeen Ace had gotten into several altercations and problems with the law. Consequently, he was sent to a youth detention program. This was due to both consistent fights and robberies throughout middle and high school. Surprisingly, Yungeen Ace wasn’t even remotely interested in the rap scene at the time. Without any clear direction or purpose, Yungeen Ace felt lost at such an early age.

The young boy soon turned his attention to the rap game. He began by simply releasing songs he’d record in a local studio to SoundCloud. Within just a few months, a number of his songs exploded in popularity. He continued to make music and was eventually reached out to by other popular artists within Florida. Within a few years of collaborating, Yungeen Ace was on his way to becoming a millionaire.


In February 2018, Yungeen Ace began putting out multiple SoundCloud tracks. Some of his earlier tracks, including songs like “No Witness” “Find Myself” and “All In” were wildly popular on release. Also, Yungeen Ace focused a lot of his time on marketing through social media.

Sure enough, within a few months, all of his SoundCloud tracks collectively had tens of millions of listens. It had seemed like the young stars’ luck and fortune were finally starting to pay off and reap the benefits.

Unfortunately, Yungeen Ace’s career was temporarily halted when tragedy struck his family. As the rapper became more and more famous, rival gang members used his newfound fame to track and follow the rapper. On June 5, 2018, Yungeen Ace, his brother, and multiple friends were targeted in a drive-by shooting. Fortunately for Yungeen Ace, he survived even after receiving 8 bullet shots. Unfortunately for his brother and friends, they passed away in the incident.

Yungeen Ace Net Worth 2022

As of 2022, Yungeen Ace has a net worth of $4 million dollars. A majority of his annual earnings come from a combination of album sales, streaming royalties, world tours, and merchandise sales.

Music has provided an outlet for Yungeen Ace to express the pain, and turmoil he experienced growing up in Jacksonville. He has become the voice of the streets, and it’s safe to say his net worth will only increase over time. 

Key Takeaways

  • Pain Is Only Temporary: Yungeen Ace had an incredibly tough childhood and early life, but he was able to persevere and make something out of himself. Everyone has a struggle, but it’s important to keep in mind that better days are ahead. Keep your head up and keep grinding to better your situation! With this mentaltiy, we can all grow our net worths in no time.
  • Be Consistent Online: Yungeen Ace consistently posted content to both his YouTube and SoundCloud accounts. Because we live in a time where everyone uses these platforms, they can be great places to promote ourselves and our work. Similar to Yungeen Ace, try to leverage social media as much as you can!
  • Never Give Up: Had Yungeen Ace decided to stop grinding at any point in his path to a millionaire, he likely would’ve failed or taken much, much longer. We can learn from this and strive to never give up! Even when the road gets tough, keep your chin up and head straight, with due time you’ll succeed!

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