Cherelle Griner Net Worth

Cherelle Griner Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Cherelle Griner is? Cherelle Watson is known for her marriage to WNBA player Brittney Griner. The couple married in 2019.

Though Cherelle Griner gained her high-profile status due to being a celebrity spouse, she’s also an education graduate, a famous American maths teacher, and a social media influencer of African descent.

As of May 2023, Cherelle Griner’s net worth is $3.5 million.

Early Life

Before becoming Britney Griner’s wife and taking her last name, Cherelle Watson was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on July 1, 1992, to African American parents.

Cherelle grew up in Little Rock. She graduated from a local private school in 2010.


Cherelle Griner enrolled at Baylor University in 2010. She graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Applied Science, particularly in family and child studies.

Cherelle Griner’s wife Brittney also attended Baylor University, but they weren’t particularly college friends. In fact, the couple never crossed paths until years later.

After university, Cherelle Watson went on to become a professional math teacher at Uplift Education in Phoenix, Arizona.

Cherelle was also a law student at North Carolina Central University School of Law in August 2019. She graduated in May 2022.

Relationship with Brittney Griner

Cherelle Griner and Brittney met at Baylor. Cherelle started dating Brittney in 2017. Cherelle’s wife, Britney states that she fell in love the moment she laid eyes on her.

Prior to meeting Cherelle, Brittney was in a relationship with fellow WNBA player Glory Johnson.

Brittney proposed to Cherelle Watson in August 2018.  The professional basketball player shared a tear-jerking Instagram post announcing the couple’s engagement. Then, Cherelle Griner married Brittney in June 2019

Cherelle has always been supportive of Brittney, attending most Phoenix Mercury games and cheering from the sidelines.

Brittney Griner Detainment in Russia

Brittney's wife speaks about WNBA star's release
Source: CNN

In 2022, Cherelle and Brittney Griner were in the spotlight when Brittney Griner faced detainment in Russia due to possession of illegal substances.

Brittney’s Detainment

While Brittney and Cherelle Griner were traveling to Russia where Brittney was playing. Brittney Griner played for the Russian team, UMMC Ekaterinburg.

However, Brittney didn’t want to play overseas. Her wife stated that WNBA salaries aren’t high enough, which forced the basketball player to play internationally.

At Moscow Airport, the Olympic gold medalist was detained on account of  “large-scale transportation of drugs.”

It should be said that marijuana is legal in the state of Arizona, where Brittney’s team, Phoenix Mercury, is based.

The Russian court punishes drug transportation with up to 10 years in prison.

Cherelle’s Efforts

Since Brittney’s detainment, Cherelle Griner has been vocal about her release. She advocates through social media and even appeared on Good Morning America in May 2022 to speak about the incident.

In July 2022, Cherelle wrote an open letter to President Joe Biden asking for the release of Brittney Griner.

The following day, Cherelle got a call from the White House assuring her of all the efforts they were making to secure the safe release of Brittney Griner.

Cherelle Griner also gained support from numerous high-profile celebrities. The WNBA star’s teammates wore shirts with the message “We Are BG” at the Women’s National Basketball Association season opening.

Furthermore, basketball legend LeBron James supported Cherelle and Brittney and urged for Brittney’s release.

Brittney’s Release

After nine months of fighting, the U.S. and Russia held intense negotiations in the U.A.E regarding Brittney Griner. Finally, the nations agreed on her release.

In December 2022, the White House held a press conference to share the happy news. Then, Joe Biden passed the podium to Brittney Griner’s wife Cherelle, whose relentless efforts were a huge reason for Brittney’s freedom.

Cherelle Griner Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Cherelle Griner has an estimated net worth of $3.5 million.

Cherelle earned this sizable fortune mainly by being Brittney Griner’s wife. Cherelle works as a teacher, and the average salary is $65,000 annually.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Is Cherelle Griner Height?

Cherelle Griner is 5’ 8’’. Though Cherelle is quite tall, she appears extremely small next to her wife Brittney Griner, who’s 6’9’’.

Do Cherelle Griner and Brittney Griner Have Kids?

The couple doesn’t have any children. However, Cherelle’s wife Brittney Griner has twins from her previous marriage to Glory Johnsson conceived via IVF.

The professional basketball player pays child support for her twins, Ava and Solei

Key Takeaways

Fight For Your Love

After Brittney’s detainment, Cherelle fought relentlessly for her release. The social media influencer kept advocating for the release of her wife, Brittney Griner, in multiple other ways.

Cherelle Griner never gave up. She kept all of Brittney’s fans updated on her condition. She also garnered support from other sports stars.

Moreover, Cherelle urged politicians, particularly the Biden administration, to take action in order to release Brittney from the Russian prison system.

Love Always Wins

Cherelle Griner was an unassuming math teacher in Arizona. However, in 2017 her life took a turn once she met the WNBA star.

Nowadays, Cherelle is a millionaire and happily married to Brittney Griner, who will soon be returning home.

Keep Working on Yourself

Despite Cherelle Griner’s age, she now has a sizable net worth and is a popular social media influencer and activist. Still, Cherelle Griner is constantly working on herself.

Cherelle Griner could’ve continued working as a professional maths teacher. After all, Cherelle has already earned her degree from Baylor University. Yet, she chose to improve her career and continue learning.

In May of 2022, Cherelle graduated from North Carolina Central University School of Law.