Clara Wu Tsai Net Worth

Clara Wu Tsai Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Clara Wu Tsai is?

Not only is Clara Wu Tsai the co-owner of Brooklyn Nets, Barclays Center, and New York Liberty, but she’s also the founder of REFORM Alliance, the non-profit organization.

In the world of booming e-Commerce, she’s the co-owner of the e-Commerce giant, Alibaba. She’s responsible for the Hong Kong department. Needless to say, it’s a channel that represents a huge chunk of her net worth.

As of May 2023, Clara Wu Tsai has a net worth of $10 billion.

Early Life

Clara Ming-Hua Wu was born in 1966 in Lawrence, Kansas to immigrant parents, Dr. De Min Wu and Chin-Sha Wu.

She graduated from Stanford University with a bachelor of arts degree and a master’s degree in international relations by 1988. Later in 1993, Clara Wu Tsai got her MBA from Harvard.

It’s no secret that education is an important aspect for the Tsais, and Clara Wu didn’t fall short of anything.

Early Career

Ever since the start of her career, Clara achieved great success. She landed a job at American Express, the multinational giant. There, Clara Wu was a Vice President of the Business Analysis department.

Diversified Portfolio

Clara also runs the subsidiary company, Alibaba, where she’s an executive and handles the Hong Kong department.

Not only that, but Clara Wu also founded “Reform Alliance,” the non-profit organization that serves as a forum for criminal justice.

Add to that list, she invested in the Brooklyn Nets, the NBA team, and the Barclays Center, New York.

Personal Life

Clara Wu Tsai dated Joseph Tsai for many years before they got married in 1996. The two have three children together, Alex, Dash, and Jacob. Not only do they share a life together, but they also conducted a lot of projects and philanthropic activities together.

Clara Wu and Joseph Tsai were able to create the Stanford Neuroscience Institute together, and now it’s known as the Wu Tsai Neuroscience Institute.

It was able to garner a $250 million gift. The couple says that this is because of people’s trust in them as well as their proven scientific expertise.

The couple worked together on “Tsai Foundation,” which is an organization that focuses on social justice, economic mobility, creativity, and social issues in general. They’re also working at the “Wu Tsai” institute to promote neurocomputation and neurodevelopment.

They were among the most generous donors to the George Floyd social issue protest, as they donated $50 million to help the cause.

Not to mention, Clara Wu and Joseph Tsai donated to Yale University, Joseph’s alma mater.

Although the couple lived in Hong Kong for a good 10 years, they now live in La Jolla in San Diego, California.

Apart from the business-academic life, Joseph Tsai has a business-sports investment in the San Diego Seals. Clara Wu has investments in the Brooklyn Nets and New York Liberty as she owns the Barclays Center.


Clara Wu Tsai honored as
Source: NetsDaily

In February 2021, John Jay College recognized Wu Tsai as a Champion of Justice, thanks to her establishing the REFORM Alliance and donating $50 million in the name of social justice to Brooklyn’s Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.

Clara Wu Tsai Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Clara Wu Tsai has a net worth of $10 billion.

Clara Wu Tsai’s primary sources of income are Alibaba Group and her investments in sports (Barclays Center, Brooklyn Nets, and San Diego Seals).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Much Does Clara Wu Tsai Make Annually?

Besides having a total net worth of $10 billion, Clara makes $100 million on an annual basis.

How Much Does Alibaba Make?

The company has a revenue of $133 billion from the 1.13 billion global active customers.

Key Takeaways

What we can learn from Clara Wu Tsai’s story is the following:

Investing In Your Education

Growing up with parents that were invested in education, Clara Wu Tsai didn’t fall short of any educational success.

Her business success can definitely be traced back to the master’s she got from Stanford University and the MBA she got from Harvard.

Diversifying Your Portfolio

Philanthropy, business, basketball. It all seems unrelated but it’s all in the portfolio of this successful businesswoman and investor.

The fact that she co-owns multiple assets in multiple sectors not only garners her plenty of income per year but also acts as a safety net in case one of the assets goes awry.

Partnership and Beyond

Not only does Clara Wu Tsai have her husband as a life partner but also as a business and investment partner.

They worked together to build the Tsai Foundation and the Wu Tsai Neuroscience institute, which has a main focus on the development and computations of neuroscience.

She invests and wins from the Brooklyn Nets and her husband, Joseph Tsai, invests in the San Diego Seals. So, if the two play against each other, the couple wins anyway!