Noel Deyzel is a South-African entrepreneur, IFBB Heavyweight bodybuilder, TikTok star, YouTuber, and social media influencer. He is famous for his direct and motivational fitness advice he provides on social media platforms. Noel has grown his following to over 3.2 million people on TikTok, over 1 million people on his Instagram account and over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is also an athlete for YoungLA and a co-owner of Ryse Supplements.

Noel Deyzel

Noel sits down on The Success Bug to talk about his business and fitness journey. As a teenager, he was bullied for being both skinny and tall, which motivated him to become involved with bodybuilding. Noel and Jay talk about the importance of finding a motivating factor when starting a business and the different ways bodybuilding relates to entrepreneurship. Oh, and Noel finally explains where the nickname, “Daddy Noel,” comes from.

Please enjoy!

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One comment on “Noel Deyzel – IFBB Heavyweight Bodybuilder

  1. Noel Deyzel Oct 16, 2021

    I thoroughly enjoyed enjoyed this interview. I love what the platform stands for. The professionalism expressed by J made it a fun and enjoyable experience. I wish the Success Bug all the success and growth they deserve. I hope everyone listening to this enjoyed it and finds some value in my story that will help contribute to your own success.