Dayo Adeosun – Co-Founder of Glass Protocol

Dayo Adeosun

Dayo Adeosun is a serial entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Glass Protocol. Glass is the first video NFT platform. As a decentralized transparent video monetization platform creating income for 1 billion video creators, Glass helps them make videos and receive cryptocurrency as payment. Dayo is also the Co-Founder of Spott, a platform that helps Gen-Z find friends, food, and fun on a real-time crowdsourced map.

Dayo Adeosun

Dayo sits down with Jay on The Success Bug and the two talk about his entrepreneurial journey. After being born in Chicago, Dayo considers himself a nomad. He moved from the midwest all the way to Upstate New York, to as far as Lagos, Nigeria, until he finally landed back in New York City. He considers his variety of experiences paramount to his success thus far. Dayo and Jay talk about the importance of moving toward the ventures that interest you and Dayo gives his biggest pieces of advice to any young entrepreneurs.

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