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Cameron Howard

Cameron Howard is an American entrepreneur and the founder of Straight EComm LLC. After making 7 figures through the art of dropshipping and brand-building, Straight EComm is Cam’s way of helping introduce people to the world of e-commerce. He started the company to show the average person how to build a six-figure e-commerce business from the ground up. The company is a step-by-step coaching program where Cam explains his personal methods for driving free traffic from Instagram and TikTok without spending money on advertisements.

Cam sits down with Jay, and the two talk about his path to discovering dropshipping. As a sixteen-year-old at a brand new high school, Cam didn’t have much direction. He’d worked a couple of different odd-jobs as a bus boy and at Starbucks. But he knew he wanted more out of life, regardless of the money he was saving. This led him to seek a mentor who could introduce him to dropshipping.

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He tried his hand at dropshipping in the past, but had been largely unsuccessful up to that point. Well, having the faith to spend money on a mentor was the best decision he could have made. Now, Cam has made 7 figures through dropshipping, and even taken it a step further. He has now pivoted to “brand-building,” a form of dropshipping that allows the seller to sell one product as opposed to multiple. Now, you get to hear all about how he’s been able to make it happen.

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