Noel Andrews – Owner of JobRack

Noel Andrews

Noel Andrews is an entrepreneur and the Owner/CEO of JobRack. JobRack’s mission is to break open the highly-skilled, intelligent autonomous working Eastern European employee market for digital businesses, all while providing the easiest access to this workforce as possible. Their vision is to create a fully integrated Eastern European workforce into the digital new-age work environment. With time and consistency, Noel expects JobRack to become easily accessible worldwide while helping small and mid-sized companies innovate quickly.

Noel sits down with Jay, and the two discuss his entrepreneurial journey. Noel always knew he had the spirit of a business owner, but he gained corporate experience before beginning his foray into owning a business like many others. As you’ll learn, he actually worked in the aviation industry for many years before the opportunity to purchase (purchase!) JobRack crossed his desk. Now, he’s helping connect premier talent with premier talent, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Please enjoy Noel Andrews!

Noel Andrews

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