Zack Clayton – Professional Wrestler

zack clayton

Zack Carpinello, AKA Zack Clayton, is an American professional wrestler and social media personality. Zack gained a significant following on Instagram by sharing his fitness and lifestyle-related photos in 2014. In 2016, he finally pursued a lifelong dream of his and began to wrestle professionally.

Recently, Zack started a clothing line, where he sells merchandise featuring some of his favorite quotes used to become a successful entrepreneur and media personality.

Zack joins Jay on The Success Bug, and the two talk about his early love for fitness and why it was the foundation of everything he’s accomplished. At a young age, Zack suffered from appendicitis, an abdominal condition. This experience moved him to explore human anatomy and grasp how to treat his body like a well-oiled machine.

You’ll learn all about how Zack first discovered his love for wrestling and why he’s always been his biggest competitor. Not only that, but Zack shares his best tips for anyone looking to pursue their own passions and follow an unorthodox path.

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