Meek Mill Net Worth

Meek Mill Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Meek Mill is? The Philadelphia-born rapper has become a star and is worth a fortune.

He is famously known for the hit song Dreams and Nightmares but has many other hit singles.

As of May 2023, Meek Mill has a net worth of $20 million.

This post will dive into how he achieved his success.

Early Life

Meek Mill, formerly known as Robert Rihmeek Williams, was born May 6, 1987, in South Philadelphia.

During an attempted robbery, his father was murdered when he was just five years old, leaving his mother, Kathy Williams, to care for him and his older sister Nasheema Williams.

Kathy would move the family to north Philadelphia, where Meek would spend most of his childhood.

They lived in a small three-bedroom apartment, and the money was short. Kathy worked multiple jobs but still struggled to support her family.

Meek was a soft-spoken kid, but he became close with his uncle, a DJ under the name Grandmaster Nell. Nell was well involved in the music industry, which sparked Meek’s love for rap.

He would compete in rap battles in the area and stay up all night writing rhymes and verses.

He became obsessed with rap and gathered a few friends to make the rap group The Bloodhoundz. This would be the official start of his illustrious rap career.


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Source: Rolling Stone

The Bloodhoundz was a great starting point, and the group released a few mixtapes as a collective.

However, Meek would start doing his own thing and in 2008 released Flamers 2: Hottest in the City.

The tape caught the eye of multiple record labels, but none stood out more than Grand Hustle Records, co-founded and owned by the renowned Atlanta artist T.I.

Under the label, he released Flamers 3: The Wait Is Over and Gangsta Grillz. The latter produced a single Rose Red, later remixed with verses from Rick Ross and Vado.

Meek would ultimately part ways with Grand Hustle Records due to legal issues. However, in 2011, Rick Ross signed him to the Maybach Music Group.

Under Maybach Music, his career would take off. That same year he released the song Ima Boss which charted at number 51 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming his first chart single.

In August 2011, Meek released Dreamchasers mixtape, which was well received and featured hit artists like Yo Gotti and Beanie Siegel.

Meek was on the rise, and MTV listed him as one of the “Hottest MCs In The Game.”

Meek would keep the momentum going and release Dreamchasers 2. Within 6 hours of the drop, it received over 1 million downloads on the website

Meek dominated the mixtape scene and was ready to make his first official studio album.

He released his debut album, Dreams, and Nightmares, with features from Drake, Nas, Mary J Blidge, and many more.

The project debuted at number 2 on US Billboard 200, and the lead single Dreams and Nightmares has become an anthem.

Meek has since released four studio albums, all well-received and doing well on the charts. He has become a legend in Philadelphia and is a fan favorite.

Meek Mill Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Meek Mill has a net worth of $20 million.

His wealth is from his great success as an artist. Music sales, tours, and features all contribute respectively. He also launched Dream Chaser Records’ label as a joint venture with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

Meek has also been very involved in social activism after he experienced trouble with the law.

Fortunately, his case has been settled, and he has become a lead advocate for criminal justice reform in the United States.

Key Takeaways

Put the work in

Before Meek saw the fame and the money he spent countless hours writing down raps and verses.

He put the work in when no one was watching, and it brilliantly paid off. If you want anything in life, you’re going to have to work extremely hard for it. So put your head down and get it!

Start the generational wealth

Meek had a tough upcoming and didn’t have much money growing up. This inspired him to be successful; he stated in the song Shine, “I was born poor, but ima die rich”

If you come from this type of financial struggle, use it as motivation. Be the change for your family, be great.