Lindsey Graham Net Worth

Lindsey Graham Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Lindsey Graham is?

Lindsey Graham is an American politician and senator from South Carolina known for his bipartisan approach.

As of May 2023, Lindsey Graham has a net worth of $697K. This article shows how Graham gathered his wealth and made his way into the world of politics.

Early Life

Lindsey Olin Graham was born in Seneca in Oconee County in July 1955 to Millie Walters and Florence James.

Interestingly, Lindsey Graham and former senator John Edwards were both born in the same hospital. Sometimes, Graham jokes about how they were born in different hospital wings (right and left), referring to their political views.

Overall, Graham’s parents weren’t particularly wealthy or interested in politics.

Millie Walters came from a family of farmers, while Florence James’ side of the family ran small businesses in Georgia.

Together, the couple lived in South Carolina and ran their own restaurant/bar that was known at the time as “Sanitary Cafe.” For a while, the building doubled as a home for the Grahams.

Later, they moved to a trailer before finding a house next door.


Young Lindsey Graham spent his early years in South Carolina’s Pickens County with his family and graduated from Daniel High School.

Then he continued his educational journey at the University of South Carolina, where he got his B.A. in psychology and a Juris Doctor degree (J.D.).

It’s worth noting that Lindsey Graham was the first one in the family to attend college. His parents didn’t even finish high school!

Air Force

During his time at the South Carolina School of Law, Lindsey Graham was also a member of the Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program.

Once he received his law degree, Graham joined the United States Air Force as a military defense attorney. In fact, his work defending a pilot accused of abusing drugs was featured in an episode of the CBS show 60 Minutes.

Then, Lindsey Graham served at a military base in Germany from 1984 and remained there until 1988.

After returning from overseas active duty, he joined the South Carolina Air National Guard and continued his service until 1995. By then, he was called back for active duty as a judge advocate at the McEntire Air National Guard Base during the Gulf War.

All in all, Lindsey Graham retired from the Air Force Reserves in 2015. Graham left the military after 33 years of service, holding the Colonel rank and a Bronze Star medal.

Political Career

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) speaks during the third day of Senate Judiciary Committee
Source: CNBC

Lindsey Graham’s interest in politics began during his college years as he interned for the South Carolina Senate’s General Committee.

Graham also expressed that he found his spark for politics when Ronald Reagan became president. In fact, the American politician describes himself as a “Reagan-style conservative.”

In 1992, Graham joined the South Carolina House of Representatives but only served one term there.

In 2002, he ran for Senator Strom Thurmond’s seat. Lindsey Graham won the vote and was even re-elected for the same position in 2008, 2014, and 2020.

Graham intended to join the 2016 presidential race. However, he rolled back his campaign as the poll numbers were rather low.

Initially, Lindsey Graham was a critic of Donald Trump. Yet, he later endorsed Trump as president.

Today, he’s still a senior United States senator with a term that’s supposed to end in 2027. While his office is in Washington, Graham still lives in Seneca.

Lindsey Graham Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Lindsey Graham has a net worth of $697K. This estimated net worth is reasonable when you consider that Graham’s base salary as a senator is $174K.

Lindsey Graham is also reported to have mortgages on properties in Washington D.C. (around $250K) and South Carolina (around $15K).

If you’re trying to figure out how Lindsey Graham’s net worth compares to other Senators, you might want to check out Dick Durbin or Nancy Pelosi’s wealth estimates as well to see how he stacks up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Lindsey Graham have any siblings?

Yes, Senator Lindsey Graham has a younger sister called Darline Graham Nordone.
When Graham’s parents died, Darline was only 13 years old.

So Lindsey Graham became her legal guardian, raised her himself, and made sure that she was covered by his military medical benefits.

Is Lindsey Graham married?

No, Lindsey Graham is still single. Some people believe that he remained unmarried for so long because he spent a good part of his life taking care of his sister.

That said, Graham came close to marrying a flight attendant named Sylvia.

They met and fell in love in Germany. However, things fell apart since Sylvia had to stay in Germany to take care of her elderly mother, and Lindsey Graham had to get back to South Carolina.

Key Takeaways

Family Comes First

For Lindsey Graham, taking care of his sister was a priority. Lindsey was willing to be a brother and a parent to her despite being busy with his own education.

Family Life Should Remain Private

While Lindsey Graham is a famous politician, Darline and her husband, Larry Nordone, managed to lead fairly low-profile lives away from the spotlight.

Never Let Hardships Get In Your Way

Although Lindsey Graham lost both his parents and had a lot on his plate, he didn’t give up on his education, private practice, and political career.

Sometimes, you’ve got to push through hardships to reach your full potential!