Dick Durbin Net Worth

Dick Durbin Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Dick Durbin is? The longtime U.S. senator has been representing the Democratic party in the U.S. Senate for the past 25 years.

Dick Durbin is a member of the Democratic Party. In fact, he’s the Democratic Whip of the 116th U.S. Senate, which makes him quite an important figure in politics.

As of May 2023, Dick Durbin has a net worth of $3 million.

Early Life

Dick Durbin was born in East St. Louis, Illinois in 1944. He went by his birth name, Richard Joseph Durbin until he was interning for former U.S. senator, Paul Douglas.

Paul mistakenly called him Dick, which then became the name he goes by.

Durbin has an excellent educational background. First, he earned his bachelor’s degree from the School of Foreign Services in 1962.

Then, Dick went on to earn his Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown University Law Center in 1969. With these certifications, Durbin started his law practice in Springfield.

His career in politics began when he was a legal counsel to the Illinois State Senate Judiciary Committee from 1972 to 1982.

Political Career

Dick Durbin net worth
Source: BORGEN Magazine

Dick Durbin has an extensive career in politics. He’s a self-made politician who has been speaking for the people for 39 years.

U.S. House of Representatives

In 1982, Durbin won a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. The American politician represented a rural district in Illinois.

Many Illinois voters found Dick Durbin to be a friend of the farmers, which started his career in Congress.

First, Dick won a seat on the House Agriculture Committee. Then, he was also a part of the Appropriations Committee.

U.S. Senate

In 1996 Durbin ran for U.S. Senate. Many admired his policies, so he was reelected four consecutive times, in 2002, 2008, 2014, and 2020.

Dick Durbin is one of the most powerful democratic senators. In fact, Durbin serves as the Democratic Whip in the U.S. Senate.

Political Views

Durbin has some of the most liberal views in the U.S. Senate. In fact, he has a lifetime conservative rating of only 4.5%.

This means that almost 95% of the decisions Durbin voted for were directed toward liberal views.

For instance, Durbin voted to nullify Roe v. Wade, thus restricting abortions, during his first term. However, he later reversed his stance on abortion.

Furthermore, the American politician cast his vote for the First Step Act, which aims to reform federal prisons. This way, former prisoners wouldn’t have to resort to the same crimes again.

Dick Durbin is currently working on a bill called the Tobacco Tax Equity Act. If the bill passed, it’d greatly reduce cigarette smoking, and in turn, reduce lung cancer.

Dick Durbin Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Dick Durbin’s net worth is $3 million. As a Senate Majority Whip, the Illinois Senator receives an annual salary of about $193,400.

Though this might seem like a hefty sum, it’s not much compared to other U.S. senators, half of which are millionaires!

Not much is known about the senator’s investments. Yet, he’s closely tied to the lobbying industry as his wife, Loretta Schaefer Durbin, was a lobbyist.

Furthermore, in 2015, Durbin invested his wealth in the pharmaceutical industry as well as finance and insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s Dick Durbin’s religion?

Dick Durbin is Roman Catholic. However, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield denied him communion.

The reason is that his liberal beliefs and his votes for certain acts don’t align with the church’s teachings. Yet, Durbin never backed down from his views.

Is Dick Durbin married?

Sadly, Dick Durbin is widowed. His late wife, Loretta Schaefer passed away in 2008 as a result of a congenital heart condition.

He’s blessed with three children, Christine, Jennifer, and Paul. The American politician also has six grandchildren.

Does Dick Durbin have the longest tenure in the Senate?

Dick Durbin has been a U.S. senator for 25 years. In fact, out of 100 seats in the Senate, Durbin is 9th on the seniority list.

Durbin was a member of the U.S. house of representatives for 14 years prior to joining the Senate.

This adds up to an astounding 39-year career in politics that he spent serving the people of the United States

Key Takeaways

Passion Matters More Than Money

Dick Durbin had an excellent education with a degree from Georgetown University Law Center. The senator also had a successful law firm in Illinois that was just starting to take off. This might make you wonder why he got into politics.

Yet, Dick chose to speak for the people by landing a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives first, then making his way to the U.S. Senate. Since then, he’s been fighting for Americans.

Stand for What You Believe in

Dick Durbin has faced his fair share of adversaries along the way. After all, you can’t have a career in politics for 39 years without making a few enemies!

Durbin’s church even spoke up against him. Still, he always stood for what he believed in, no matter the consequences.