Kyrsten Brannon – Kae Kosmetics

Kyrsten Brannon

Kyrsten Brannon is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Kae Kosmetics, a cosmetics brand with the intention of lifting up women through beauty. Her first collection focused on the importance of eyebrow shaping.  From eyebrows to eye shadow, Kyrsten eventually expanded her brand to reach all beauty industry aspects. 

Kyrsten sits down with Jay to talk about her hustler’s mentality from a young age. In fact, it propelled her to an entrepreneurial career. From Wisconsin to Houston, Texas, Kyrsten always found a way to make some dough. Whether through affiliate marketing or selling her makeup, Kyrsten realized she had something to offer.

Now? With her passions, Kae Kosmetics is filling a void within the cosmetics industry. Kyrsten prides her brand on the fact that its products do not clog pores and, are not damaging to the skin, and—most importantly—are not harmful to animals. Please enjoy Kyrsten Brannon!

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