Janelle Ginestra – Choreographer, Creative Director

Janelle Ginestra

Janelle Ginestra is a choreographer, creative director, and creator of Naughty Girl Fitness. With credits in Glee, The X Factor (US) and Fired Up, she is an accomplished dancer who has worked on multiple gigantic creative projects. You can find her in projects such as Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” music video, the “Step Up” movies, and “Bring It On 5.” You also may know her from her massive followings on both Instagram (500k) and TikTok (2.7M). She is a true icon in her industry.

Janelle sits down with Jay to talk about her life as a child actor and how it shaped her personality. Taking on the unique role of provider as a kid gave her the drive to compete and achieve. She talks about her love of not just dancing but being creative. In fact, if she never danced, she would still be doing something creative today. You’ll learn all about her “A-Ha!” moment, where she landed a spot on “P!nk’s” world tour, and much more. Please enjoy Janelle Ginestra!

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