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Jamie Giovinazzo – Eat Clean Bro

Jamie Giovinazzo is an American entrepreneur and the President/Founder of Eat Clean Bro. Eat Clean Bro is a delivery service of chef-prepared meals based in Freehold, New Jersey. As a former gym rat and lover of good food, Jamie has married his two passions into one and has grown Eat Clean Bro into a multi-million dollar powerhouse.

Jamie Giovinazzo

Jamie sits down to talk about his childhood, his opinions on college, and how he made Eat Clean Bro a household name. Starting from nothing and making meals for his friends, Jamie had an epiphany. Why not build a business doing what he loves (making food) and treat his customers as his friends? Well, that’s exactly what he did. And now thousands of people around the country are eating clean, bro. Please enjoy Jamie Giovinazzo!

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