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Kindra Hall – Chief Storytelling Officer of Steller

Kindra Hall is President and Chief Storytelling Officer at Steller Collective. Steller Collective is a consulting firm delivering strategic application of storytelling to today’s communication challenges. Kindra is also a highly notable keynote speaker, and global brands trust her to deliver presentations and training. Additionally, Kindra is a contributing editor to SUCCESS Magazine and served as guest faculty at The Harvard Medical School. Her book, Stories That Stick, also debuted at #1 on the Wall Street Journal Bestseller List.

“It may be the most valuable business book you will read.”


Kindra sits down with The Success Bug to talk about her unlikely journey from rural Minnesota to helping global brands communicate through storytelling. First, Kindra and Jay talk about her childhood and how she didn’t expect to make a career in storytelling. Jay then asks about Kindra’s experiences in corporate America before pursuing her business. Finally, Kindra opens up about her struggles after deciding to quit her job and pursue storytelling as her career. Please enjoy Kindra Hall!

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