Ken Nguyen – Founder of Republic

Ken Nguyen is the Founder and CEO of Republic. Republic empowers everyone to invest in the future they believe in by providing access to startups, real estate, crypto, and video game investments. For the longest time, investing in private companies was near-impossible for the average American. That was until Republic stepped in. Now, the process of investing in private companies is as easy as it’s ever been; and Republic is only just getting started.

Ken sits down with The Success Bug and talks about his journey of founding Republic. From growing up as an immigrant, his family had traditional values that wouldn’t typically align with those of an entrepreneur. This upbringing led Ken to an initial career at one of the biggest law firms in the country. Ken talks about how in spite of his corporate beginnings, he always knew he would find his way to starting a business. Ken also talks about the huge hurdles he faced in making private investing accessible to everyone. Please enjoy Ken Nguyen!

Ken Nguyen

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