Andrew Arruda – Founder of Automate Medical

Andrew Arruda

Andrew Arruda is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder of Automate Medical. Automate Medical is on a mission to liberate closed silos of health data. The company builds open source developer tools for health care standards with modern languages and frameworks. In simpler terms, they make access to personal health data simpler than its ever been. The company’s advisory board features big-hitters like executives from The Mayo Clinic and Stanford Medicine.

Andrew sits down with The Success Bug to talk about his business journey. As a 1st generation immigrant growing up in Toronto, Andrew always knew he wanted to start a business. But being a 1st generation immigrant comes with expectations. So, Andrew started his professional career as a litigation associate at a small law firm. There, he learned how to think with an open mind and stick to his guns. Andrew then talks about the social pressures he faced when he decided to quit his job to found his first company. Finally, Jay and Andrew discuss the necessary steps for anyone to take to overcome these social pressures. Please enjoy Andrew Arruda!

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