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Jacob Shoihet – Co-Founder of Marco

Jacob Shoihet is a musician, entrepreneur, and Co-Founder/CEO of Marco Financial. He co-founded Marco in December 2019. Small and medium-sized businesses in Latin America can have trouble getting the financing they need to launch export operations to the U.S. Marco is solving this problem with new risk modeling and management tools that can make better decisions on who should receive loans. Previously, he was Head of Strategic Partnerships, Business Development at Spot.IM. Before that, he has experience that includes roles at GumGum, Taboola, and Groupon.

Jake joins The Success Bug and talks about his life before becoming a business owner. Growing up with a love for music, he studied Classical Music in Performance with a trumpet focus at The University of Toronto. He spent many years chasing a dream of being a musician in New York before evaluating his priorities. After deciding to take a break, he pursued the life of a business owner… Looks like that turned out pretty well. Please enjoy Jake Shoihet!

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