Julian Jung – Republic Labs

Julian Jung

Julian Jung is an entrepreneur and the current Managing Director of Republic Labs. Republic Labs is the venture arm of Republic, making investments in early and late stage technology and consumer businesses. Republic Labs has invested in Carta, EquipmentShare, Relativity Space, Robinhood, Space X and many others. The company works with high net-worth individuals and family offices to sponsor investment opportunities in venture and private equity. Republic Labs currently manages over $335M in LP capital.

Julian Jung joins The Success Bug to talk about how he went from being an introvert as a child to putting himself in uncomfortable positions. His first job was selling Foot Spa Massages, door-to-door. A real baptism by fire. Although it was painfully uncomfortable, he built the skills necessary to become successful with sales and realized his true passions: connecting amazing people with amazing opportunities.

So, how did Julian bundle his experiences and find his way to the role of Managing Director of Republic Labs? You know what to do. Stream the latest episode of The Success Bug.

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