Alec Ellin – Laylo

Alec Ellin

Alec Ellin is an American serial entrepreneur and the current co-founder and CEO of Laylo. Laylo builds technology to identify the biggest music fans in the world. Their B2B tool tracks fans for over 1.3 million artists and works with some of the biggest labels, artists, managers, and teams to connect real fans with their favorite artists. Their consumer product is the first technology to track how songs spread from person to person. Fans can compete to prove they can spread a song or artist to 10 or 10 million people, and they reward those fans for their efforts. Laylo’s goal is to provide amazing experiences between artists and superfans around the world.

Alec Ellin joins The Success Bug to talk about how he and his co-founder, Sajan Sanghvi, built Laylo. Alec got his first taste of entrepreneurship with an early passion for technology and music by starting a blog in high school, “The Laidback Life.” After growing that website to over 40,000 monthly readers, a world of opportunities opened up to him. He went on to work at Sony’s Epic Records on the Artists and Repertoire team. Eventually, he gained the confidence to start his own music-sharing app, DarkChart, to combine his technology and music interests.

So, how did Alec go from DarkChart to founding Laylo, a wildly successful music-sharing platform? You know what to do, stream the latest episode of The Success Bug.

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