Firerose Age, Real Name, Husband, Wiki, Net Worth & Bio

FireRose and Billy Ray Cyrus

Fire Rose’s real name is Rose Hodges , an Australian based singer and songwriter. Born and brought up in an Australian family in Sydney, Australia, and grew up in a family of symphony musicians. Firerose had gone to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music. Some of her  biggest inspirations include Sia, Alanis Morisette and Australian rock bands Powderfinger, INXS and Silverchair. She was born  on 11th December and has completed her graduation from Newton High School , Sydney. A few of her amazing songs such as All figured Out, New Day, Fragile Handling, etc.

She has been actively making songs for 4 years . Firerose started performing regularly at The Viper Room, The Rainbow Room, and SXSW and blew everyone’s mind out because of her voice . She is a follower of Christianity religion and  has a beautiful green color, beautiful eyes and blonde hair.

Her Real Name

Johanna Rose Scholem, known to the world as Firerose, has skillfully grown up her musical journey. She made her place in the music industry and song writing which made her the real star. 

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More about her life:

she has become the center of attention in the town, largely due to her relationship with Billy Ray Cyrus, a connection that notably began through their shared love for music. Apart from her personal life catching public interest, she is also known for her affection towards dogs, showcasing her love for animals. Her taste in music reflects her eclectic style, with Sia standing out as her favorite music artist, a choice that speaks volumes about her musical preferences. Interestingly, despite the common trend of tattoos in the entertainment industry, she has chosen to keep her body free of any ink, setting her apart in a unique way.

Music has its own way:

Through her music, she forms a profound connection with others, drawing them into her world with soulful vocals and candid lyrics that elevate her indie-pop style. Music becomes a vessel for her to convey her innermost truths, a unique language that speaks directly to the soul. In her more personal moments, she reveals that her dogs are truly the fabric of her being, embodying the love and companionship that inspires her. This deep connection to her inner self and her surroundings allows her to explore the mystery of life in her lyrics and melodies, inviting listeners to ponder alongside her.

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Her Songs

Her musical journey

She is a thriving businesswoman who has established her own line of clothing and accessories. Her fashion brand reflects her unique style and sense of individuality, making her a trendsetter in her own right.

About her love life 

She is engaged to Billy Ray Cyrus , who is 20 years older than her. He is 61 and Firerose is 34.

They met for the first time in 2021. She collaborated with her beau in 2020.

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Social Media Accounts

As her fame grows, fans can stay up to date with Fire Rose’s latest career and personal updates across her active social media channels:

YouTube@FIREROSE-CYRUS7.4k+ Subscribers


She made her first musical debut in 2019, with the single Fragile Handling. Later, she released her second song in 2020, Way Out. Right after that ,she released one more song in 2020, No Holding Fire. She then  released a song with her boyfriend, New Day in 2021. She released  Plans and Plans party mix and a lot more in 2023. She met artists like Crystal Gayle and Rhonda Vincent backstage at the time of her first performance.

Life lessons she shared  and completely follow:

  1. Always trust your instincts
  2. Don’t compare yourself with others 
  3. Believe people actions over their words
  4. Setback can  often be blessings in disguise
  5. Creativity is a journey not a destination

Net worth

Her net worth is $500,000. Her main source of income is Music . She earns through streams and sales of her original music.

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She is a singer and songwriter based in Australia.

Q: How old is Firerose?

36 years old.

Q: What is Fire Rose’s real name?

Rose Hodges

Q: Is Firerose married to Billy Ray Cyrus?

No, the couple is engaged.

Q: How much is Firerose worth?

$500,000 (estimated)

Q: Who is Billy Ray Cyrus?

A country singer and an actor from the U.S. since 1992., he has released 16 studio albums and 53 singles


Firerose is country- pop’s latest breakout talent. Her undeniable powers and emotive songwriting makes it clear that she is a star. Her music, fashion, and brand endorsements have shaped her into a remarkable figure.