Lydia Violet Age, Height, Wiki, Name, & Net Worth

Lydia Violet

Lydia Violet

  • She is a well known content creator , a Youtuber with over 600k subscribers  and Twitch Streamer with over 175k followers
  • She is a German, but currently lives in London, United Kingdom. 
  • She makes short tutorials/ videos on cosmetic products .
  • She launched her youtube channel at the age of 12 in 2015.
  • She has an older sister, Alice Wilson and a younger brother, James Wilson.
  • She was passionate about her interests in gaming , video production and hobbies, and was always supported by her family and friends.
  • She has a passion for editing videos through which she made a career out of it.
  • She connects with her fans through TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • She has her own retail business called ‘Lydia Violet Official’ where she offers clothes, accessories, games and some other items. 
  • She was fond of tattoos and had three on her body : A heart on her wrists, A star on her ankle and butterflies on her shoulders. 
  • Her account is managed by Skygate Media.

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Lydia Violet Career

  • On 15 June, 2015, she made her first debut video title ‘Welcome to my channel ‘ on YouTube. It was about who she is, a small introduction about her life, and why created this channel as a content creator. What made her choose this life, her passion, her life interests and a lot more about why she wants to be a content creator.
  • She began to create a lot more videos on gaming, challenges, pranks, product reviews, cosmetic reviews, tutorials. 
  • She began her collaborations with famous brands.
  • Some of her favorite videos on YouTube are: I met my boyfriend on Fortnite, I got banned from roblox from this, I spent $10,000 on mystery boxes, I tried to prank my sister,but I got backfired, I met MrBeast in real life and many more.
  • Her channel has over 10 million followers and over 1 billion views, which made her The face of the YouTube industry.  
  • She was praised by all her followers and got nominated for YouTube material, including the steamy honors, Shorty Awards, Nickelodeon kids choice awards, 
  • She always connects with her followers and often does meetups to keep the spark , love and trust .
  • Lydia Violet was passionate about games . Some of her favorite games are Fortnite, Minecraft, AmongUs, Roblox, Fall guys, Valorant
  • She streams an average of 100 hours 

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Lydia Violet Net Worth

She is one of the highest paid YouTuber of 2023 with more than $1million in her account. 

She makes thousands of dollars through her subscriptions  . 

Lydia Violet personal life

She is single and committed to her profession. She never disclosed much about her parents or siblings. She is very protective about her family and personal things. Her favorite thing is to meet content creators, viewers, and people with positive vibes. She claims to be a good and beautiful soul, only because of her YouTube family. She has her own Amazon page , where she puts all the links she recommends on her videos. From skin care,to travel accessories to Uni essentials, it has everything. 

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Q: Who is Lydia Violet?

Lydia Violet, also known as Lydia Wilson, is a German-born Twitch streamer and content creator known for her gaming content and engaging streams. 

Q: When is Lydia Violet’s birthday?

Lydia celebrates her birthday on January 21.

Q: What is Lydia’s educational background?

Lydia completed high school in Manchester and studied media and communication in London.

Q: What are Lydia’s popular games on Twitch?

Lydia is known for playing games such as Elden Ring, Hogwarts Legacy, League of Legends, and Minecraft.

Q: What is Lydia Violet’s net worth?

Lydia’s estimated net worth is around $180,000, primarily from her activities as a Twitch Partner, including ads, donations, and subscriptions.

Q: Is Lydia in a relationship?

Lydia is currently single and is focused on her social media career, expressing no immediate intentions of getting married.

Q: How many followers does Lydia have on TikTok?

Lydia has nearly 902k followers on TikTok, where she shares entertaining short films.

Q: What is Lydia’s approach to her family’s privacy?

Lydia values her family’s privacy and keeps details about her parents and siblings private.

Q: Where did Lydia Violet study media and communication?

Lydia pursued her passion for media and communication in London after completing high school in Manchester.

Q: What kind of content does Lydia create on YouTube?

Lydia shares a mix of content on YouTube, including humorous snippets from her live streams on Twitch, short-form videos, and longer reaction videos, contributing to her impressive subscriber count and total video views.

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Content producer and Twitch streamer, has gained a lot of fame in her native country. She was born on January 21. She always followed her enthusiasm for gaming and making videos. She is famous for making short films on tik tok. Her net worth is $180,000. She has never been in a love relationship rather she concentrated on her work