Who is Dan Katz Wife? [Big Cat Wife] Everything You Need to Know

Dan Katz

Dan Katz is popularly called by his nickname as “Big Cat”. A well known sports personality, podcaster, blogger at Barstool Sports and social media influencer. He is the host of top ranked sports podcast “Pardon My Take” from barstool sports with various episodes available on itunes. Having loyal fan followers in the internet industry.

He graduated from Newton north high school, Newtonville in 2003. Katz during his interview with GQ gave a hint that his parents wanted him to become a doctor. Perhaps they are happy now for his achievements.

Early days of Dan Katz

Daniel Katz born on January 30,1985 in West Newton, Massachusetts. He spent most of his childhood days in Chicago with his parents. But Dan Katz has not revealed anything about his family and it is unknown that he has siblings or not. He attended the university of Wisconsin and following in his 20’s joined the company Barstool sports.In 2016, Chernin group acquired Barstool sports and after its acquisition Dan Kartz received stakes in the company and remained a creative staff member. He had guest roles in other shows like PFT Live, Men in Blazers,and The Dan Patrick Show.

Besides his work life, many of his fans are curious to know more about his family life, about his wife, children’s and personal life. Dan keeps his personal life quite private. This has led to more curiosity among his fans and feels secret for his followers. In this article, we will give you in depth information about the Big Cat’s personal life.

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Big Cat Wife: Is Dan Katz Married

Stephanie Maloney is Dan Katz wife

As stated earlier, Big cat keeps his personal life more secretive and he doesn’t share anything about his relationship or who “Lady Cat” really is. It’s okay! As it is his personal choice. Lady cat is the nickname for Dan Katz ‘partner.

He has gained a lot of prominence in the social media industry through his podcasts. He has a lot of female fans watching him and he is in a happy relationship with his girlfriend. However, he doesn’t share any details about who she is or her name. She has only been addressed as Lady Cat.

He has not stated officially that he is married or dating, but he has admitted his relationship officially that they both live together in Chicago, Illinois. Stephanie Maloney is Dan Katz ‘wife aged about 36 yrs old, but he has not made it official. But his fans have postulated that they are. Katz surprised his fans in March, 2019 through his Twitter profile, he mentioned that he was going to be a father in June of the same year.  

Dan has mentioned to keep his personal life and professional lives as different. He avoids exposing his kids or partners to the media and he refers to his partner as his life’s skeleton and he wishes to give his children a normal childhood rather than exposing them to the media.  

Dan Katz’s Children

Dan Katz welcomed their Son on 9th June 2019. He Tweeted his Son’s birth picture with birth certificate and later Dan has penned stating that he won’t entertain any questions related to his son. Apart from not talking about his kids on social media he has also stated about his wife that he wants to keep her away from the news.

Dan and his lady became parents for the second time in May 2021 with the arrival of a daughter and shared the news on Instagram. He shares only some happy moments on social media and gives a glimpse of their happy family.

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Dan Katz’s Career Story

Dan joined Barstool in 2008. Dan Katz is a popular American writer, podcaster and sports commentator. He gained popularity being co-host for the famous podcast “Pardon My Take” which was a favorite in the iTunes chart.  

A year later the website Barstool moved from newspaper to an online blog, he was part of the company’s progress in bringing the most profitable podcast into existence and thus, he became a recognisable personality.

Stephanie Maloney Education and Career

Stephanie Maloney has passion for film and education and completed her academic studies in film, English, Marketing at the university of Texas at Austin. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of morbidlybeautiful.com. She has dedicated her space to independent cinema. Also, she has been lecturing in the Autism center of Excellence and member of Griffith Institute for Educational Research. She has a diverse academic and professional sideline.

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Dan Katz Social Media Popularity

Dan Katz is a social icon and has a lot of fan followers for his social profiles. Katz enjoys posting about podcasts, football and short films on social media. The talk show boosted over 900K followers on Twitter, 900K followers on Instagram and 12K likes on Facebook.

Dan Katz’s Net Worth

Dan Katz is a millionaire with a net worth of approximately $2 millions alongside as a blogger, podcaster and commenter.  

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The relationship between Big cat and lady cat with public interests remains a private affair. Lady Cat’s education and career background has made her stand out unique in her own way. Their desire for staying away from social media, news states that they keep their personal life separate with their professional lives.