Chelcie Lynn Net Worth

Chelcie Lynn Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what Chelcie Lynn’s net worth is? This Viner turned into a YouTuber and became a bigger hit.

Chelcie Lynn or Trailer Trash Tammy, as you may know from her skits, was a hit on Vine and capitalized on her humor.

As of May 2023, Chelcie Lynn has a net worth of $120 million.

Early Life

Chelcie Lynn was born in Oklahoma City on August 9, 1987. She moved to San Diego to settle in the North Park neighborhood.

There’s little known information regarding the upbringing and education of Chelcie Lynn, however.

Personal Life & Chelcie Lynn Biography

Just like little is known about her personal life before becoming famous, she’s managed to keep her personal details private too.

We know she’s married to Greg Melton, but there’s not much public information regarding their marriage, including whether they have children together or not.

Her husband does appear on her YouTube channel, taking the role of “Darryl”.

A Hit Character: Trailer Trash Tammy

Chelcie Lynn sitting on a bed eating a bucket of chicken for her show Trailer Trash Tammy
Source: Eat My Trash

She started posting on Vine as a character: Trailer Trash Tammy, with her first video being in 2013. Ever since then, she gained a lot of popularity and switched to YouTube when Vine was discontinued in 2017.

It was based on demonstrating typical stereotypes of trailer park residents, and it got her 250 thousand fans. When Chelcie Lynn first switched to Instagram, she managed to get 200 thousand followers shortly, and right now she has 243 thousand.

Being a Stand Up Comedian

Building on Trailer Trash Tammy, Chelcie Lynn had a stand-up comedy tour: The Tammy Tour: One Trailer Park at a Time.

This show sold out in more than 26 markets and over 70 shows!

Making It to the Film Industry

Being a hit online did Chelcie a great favor as she was cast in her first movie: the comedy-drama titled “Tangerine” in 2015 as “Madam Jillian”.

Acting alongside Mya Taylor, Karren Karagulian, and of course, Kitaka Kiki Rodriguez marked her first debut as a professional actress.

The movie was a huge success as it was made with a 100 thousand-dollar budget and raised more than 700 thousand dollars in profits at Box Office.

Ever since then, Chelcie Lynn appeared in many movies, including “Dog Eat Dog” with star Nicolas Cage and Willem Dafoe.

Moreover, she was featured on the TV series “Coach Von Pidgeon” and “Used Cars”. Finally, she also made an appearance in the “Somewhat Damaged” podcast.

YouTube Channel

After her success on Vine and the publicity she got starring in multiple movies, TV series, and appearing on a podcast, Chelcie Lynn now has 1.33 million subscribers on YouTube.

Her videos get up to millions of views, with the most popular video hitting 10 million views!

YouTube Earnings

With the average YouTuber getting between $0.26 to $0.44 for 1,000 views, the estimated monthly earnings are $8 to $13 with no engagement.

When you factor in that Chelcie gets a million views on average for her videos, which adds up to $8,000 to $13,000 in earnings per month. When you factor in the engagement, that pushes the number to at least $23,000 per month!

Chelcie Lynn Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Chelcie Lynn has a net worth of $120 million. Besides being a comedian, Chelcie Lynn also starred in multiple movies and sells online merchandise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Chelcie Lynn Have a Podcast?

Yes, she does. She stars in “The Viral Podcast” alongside Paige Ginn.

What Role Is Chelcie Lynn Most Famous For?

When you think about the roles Chelcie Lynn played, the one that stuck the most is “Tammy” from the TV series “Used Cars”.

Key Takeaways

What we can learn from the Chelcie Lynn biography is the following:


Chelcie Lynn is quite a determined star. She started her career on Vine and switched to Instagram and YouTube to keep it going.

She also made it as a stand-up comedian based on that character.

Turning Success Into Success

She didn’t suffice with that, but she also made her way to the movie industry and started selling merchandise to augment her wealth. Now, the Chelcie Lynn net worth is $120 million, the same as the Speaker of the House of Representatives: Nancy Pelosi.

Keep It Private

It’s hard to keep your personal life private, especially as a comedian. However, Chelcie Lynn managed to do a stellar job at keeping the details of her life with Greg Melton private and away from the public, with their harsh opinions and judgment.

Delivering a Message

Often in her comedy videos, Chelcie Lynn speaks her mind about critical and serious topics. You can dive deeper into her philosophy if you listen to her podcast with Paige Ginn.