Brittany Renner Net Worth

Brittany Renner Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Brittany Renner is?

Brittany Renner has been gaining fame recently as an Instagram celebrity. However, she’s also an entrepreneur, a fitness model, a book author, and an aspiring actress.

Plus, she was even a soccer player at some point!

As of May 2023, Brittany Renner has a net worth of $500,000.

Early Life

Brittany Renner was born and raised in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, to a white mom and a black dad.

That said, the fitness model spent a good chunk of her childhood with her grandparents on her mom’s side.

Brittany spoke out about how the way her grandmother raised her and her siblings (Lexi Renner and Steve Renner) affected her in the long term.

She said she would often “rebel” by sneaking out to meet friends and drink alcohol.

Despite her shaky childhood, Renner made it through high school. Then she left Ocean Springs to go to Jackson State University.


Initially, Brittany Renner wanted to attend university in Memphis. However, her grades limited her options.

Lucky for Renner, Jackson State University (an HBCU) was a great fit for her!

Not only did she try out new things, but she also became a soccer star. In fact, she was the MVP when the women’s soccer team at JSU won its first-ever SWAC championship.

While Brittany Renner didn’t actually graduate from JSU, she managed to build up on her experience there as a soccer player.

Next, she tried out being a semi-pro and played soccer at Pensacola Beach, but she quickly realized that wasn’t going to work out for her.

Social Media

Source: NY Daily Mail

Although Brittany Renner quit professional soccer, her experience as a fitness freak helped her make the jump into social media.

She began by posting videos and content related to fitness. Soon, she was on her way to Instagram fame and started landing promotion deals.

Currently, she has about 4.8 million followers on her Instagram account and nearly 600K followers on her Twitter account.

Brittany also runs a different Instagram account for updates on her personal life as a mom of a little baby boy, Paul Jermaine Washington III. However, this one only has 52K followers.

Brittany Renner Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Brittany Renner has a net worth of $500,000.

Recently, she went through a rough patch and had to move in with her mother for a while.

It’s also worth noting that throughout the years, Brittany tried her luck in a ton of odd jobs, from being a Zumba instructor to a special needs caregiver.

Today, there are more ventures that contribute to Brittany Renner’s net worth.

Brittany Renner as an Entrepreneur

One of the sources of Brittany’s annual income is her sportswear brand and fitness website, Rebel.

With core values like passion, defiance, and power, the brand encourages women to embrace who they are.

Currently, Rebel’s clothing line is mainly focused on yoga pants.

Brittany Renner as a Book Author

In 2018, the Instagram star published her book, “Judge This Cover,” where she shares insights into her love life and how she came to value herself more after some shaky dating experiences.

Interestingly, the fitness model relied on code names to avoid exposing any of her previous partners.

However, some fans speculate that certain chapters of the book are about Drake and Lil Uzi Vert.

Aside from the Lil Uzi Vert controversy, some fans believe she dated Colin Kaepernick and Trey Songz. Rumors about her and Colin Kaepernick spread among NFL fans very quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What show did Brittany Renner star on?

In 2020, Brittany Renner appeared in two episodes of The Haves and the Have Nots. However, that wasn’t her first acting role since she did an episode of American Soul earlier.

Most recently, she co-hosted the show Joseline’s Cabaret Las Vegas: The Reunion.

Who is Brittany Renner in a relationship with?

The famous fitness model dated NBA player PJ Washington for a while and had a baby son with him. They’re no longer together, though.

Although a lot of the affairs in Brittany Renner’s love life got attention on social media, some fans were particularly critical of her relationship with PJ Washington.

The majority of the backlash is due to the age gap. While others just criticize the amount of money Renner is getting in child support from Washington.

Key Takeaways

Stay True to Who You Are

Renner embraces who she is wholeheartedly and encourages other people to stay true to themselves, too.

So, don’t be scared to go in and out of career paths or romantic partnerships until you find what suits you best.

Some Secrets Are Best Kept Secret

Although Brittany Renner became an Instagram celebrity and dated famous athletes, she still knows better than exposing names.

Leave the Animosity Behind

Despite her past with PJ Washington, Brittany Renner doesn’t hold grudges. In fact, she had no issues congratulating Washington and his new partner on their engagement.