Brooke Ashley Hall Net Worth

Brooke Ashley Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what Brooke Ashley Hall’s net worth is? That’s one question most people have in common.

Well, the popular TikToker, YouTuber, beauty aficionado, and fitness enthusiast has made a fortune in her career.

As of May 2023, Brooke Ashley Hall has a net worth of $1 million. Let’s have a look at how she acquired such wealth.  

Early Life

Brooke Ashley was born to a well-settled Christian family on 19 April 1993 in Warren, Ohio, United States. Ever since she was little, she dreamed of becoming a popular celebrity.

She belongs to a loving family where her father is a businessman, and her mother is a housewife. Growing up, she developed an interest in dancing, modeling, and fashion.

In high school, she studied at a local high school in Warren, Ohio. In the same city, she finished her higher education at a local private university with a nursing degree.

Before becoming a full-time content creator, Brooke Ashley was a licensed practical nurse. It didn’t take long before she pursued her dream of being a celebrity and a fashion model.

Currently, she lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with her three sons and husband, Marco Hall.

Meet The Hall Family

Brooke Ashley Hall Net Worth
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The Hall family is quite secretive about personal details in their life—and understandably so. For example, the family didn’t share when exactly the couple got married.

Regardless, we know for a fact that Brooke Ashley is a mother to 3 beautiful children. Her sons are Braylon, Cannon, and Cadeon. She married the American boxer, Marco Hall.

In 2014, the pair met at a stoplight in the small town of Warren, Ohio. Their passion for content creation aligned and sparks flew when they started dating.

Brooke had Braylon Rogers before she met Marco Hall. Still, that didn’t stop Marco from loving Braylon the same way he loves his two sons. That care and emotion are evident in every video Brooke uploads on TikTok and YouTube.

Brooke Hall’s Career

Here’s how Brooke advanced through her life:

TikTok Sensation

Brooke Ashley initially joined TikTok as a form of hobby and to have fun. Later, she’d realize that this platform would bring her and her family into the limelight.

The TikTok video that marked their turning point was about Brooke and Marco in a “This is What I Wear: Couples Edition.” The pair shared their amazing outfits, which many viewers adored.

Her unique content has earned her a significant number of followers. As of writing this article, she has 12.7 million followers, with each video reaching 1 to 2 million views.

A few of her family-driven and lifestyle videos can garner a staggering 11 to 18 million views. TikTok is one of her platforms that massively contributes to her monthly and yearly income.

YouTube Channel

In 2014, Brooke started her YouTube journey. She has a family YouTube channel that goes by the name: The Beverly Halls.

The channel made its debut in November 2019, following rapid growth in popularity and views. As of May 2023, The Beverly Halls accumulated 5.65 million subscribers.

In the videos, Brooke features her family in day-in-a-life content, lighthearted pranks, and fun challenges. Her attractive and charming personality reaped positive reactions from her fanbase.

The beauty guru also has her own YouTube channel named Brooke Hall, which she later started in 2016, with 152k subscribers. Here, she posts fashion-related content and beauty tips.

Currently, The Beverly Halls YouTube channel can generate 550K a month, and possibly even more.

Brooke As of May 2023

As of May 2023, Brooke Ashley Hall’s net worth is $1 million.

Apart from working as a full-time content creator on various social media, she has extra revenue from endorsing various clothing brands, and as an Instagram star.

She actively promotes and endorses beauty and fashion brands, such as Olay, Fashion Nova, Classic Palette from KKW, and Wood Wood Clothing.

With that in mind, we can estimate around $1 million of net worth if we tally her other revenue sources together with her TikTok and YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Brooke Ashley Hall do for a living?

The famous social media superstar is a full-time content creator. Brooke is most popular on her YouTube and TikTok channels for sharing lighthearted and comedic content with her family.

Apart from being a social media personality influencer, Brooke Ashley is also a superhero mom taking care of 3 kids. She is incredible at both jobs, so it’s no wonder she’s a recognized star.

What is Brooke Ashley Hall’s Nationality?

Brooke Ashley is a Christian American. However, her family has a Multiracial ethnicity.

How old was Brooke Ashley when her first child was born?

In a TikTok video, Brooke Ashley revealed that her first child was born when she was 16. She wasn’t able to provide for him, and he used to stay in a box of cardboard.

This was before she met Marco Hall and wasn’t capable of providing for her first child yet.

Key Takeaways

Explore Outside Your Comfort Zone

Ashley Hall enjoys experimenting with various materials in her content, working with different internet influencers consistently. This helped keep her viewers’ interest and her income stable.

Her creativity and her willingness to try things from a different viewpoint are one of the causes of her current net worth. This shows that exploring outside of your comfort zone can go a long way.

Don’t Let The Hard Days Win

Before Brooke Ashley Hall reached her peak of success, she faced tough times that were heartbreaking to hear.

She gave birth at age 16 with only a cardboard box for her baby and relied on her job as a nurse to provide for him. In the end, she didn’t let the hard days win and now lives a life full of positivity and love.

Be Confident with a Heart

Brooke is confident in what she does and isn’t ashamed to post her dance moves and lip-sync videos on TikTok. Her confidence made her content famous and a source of stable income.

She wouldn’t be where she is now if she held back and didn’t stay true to herself.