Yung Gravy Net Worth

Yung Gravy Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Yung Gravy is?

The rapper, songwriter, model, and performer emerged in the music industry in 2016. Gravy’s popularity grew over time, and so did his fortune.

As of May 2023, Yung Gravy has a net worth of $3 million. This article shows how the American rapper became a multimillionaire in six years.

Early Life

Matthew Hauri, known as Yung Gravy, was born in March 1996 in Rochester, Minnesota.

He is a member of a Swiss-American family. His father, Dr. Peter Hauri, was a well-known insomnia psychologist. His mother, Dr. Cynthia Hauri, is a psychiatrist.

Gravy graduated from Mayo High School in 2014 in Rochester. He then attended college and earned a marketing degree in 2017 from the University of Wisconsin.

Gravy started rapping for fun in 2016 while in college. He uploaded self-composed tracks that he performed in his spare time on SoundCloud. Despite being self-released tracks, they grabbed a lot of attention.

Previous Job

Gravy worked in an administrative position for about six months while in college. The job was at a startup hub called Gener8tor.

He said they offered him a promotion to become the head of the Minneapolis office, but he declined it. Gravy noted that he preferred doing rap over managing an office.

Soon after, he left the company to start his music career. The rise of many rappers at that time, like Lil Yachty and Lil Peep, inspired him.

Entering the Rap Scene

Yung Gravy started his rap career in 2016 by releasing his first song, “Karen,” on YouTube. The song garnered significant attention.

Not long after, he dropped an extended play called “Mr-clean” and sold it digitally. Gravy produced this EP himself with no collaboration with any production company.

Surprisingly, “Mr. Clean” EP achieved massive success and quickly reached thousands of downloads. The EP became RIAA-Certified Platinum later.

The success of his first EP encouraged him to release another mixtape in late 2016. The mixtape was titled “Thanksgiving’s Eve” and was in collaboration with Mia Gladstone and Engelwood.

This mixtape was another winning milestone in Gravy’s career.

The Rise of Gravy Fame

In 2017, Yung Gravy released two EPs. The first was “Baby Gravy1,” in collaboration with the Canadian rapper BBNO$. The second was “Yung Gravity.”

Both EPs were a hit and reached a broad audience, especially “Baby Gravy1”. This success marked the take-off of Yung Gravy and BBNO$’s music careers.

Due to the popularity of those two EPs, Gravy started to earn a considerable income. This is thanks to the insanely increasing streams of his tracks on both YouTube and Spotify.

By the end of 2017, Gravy had dropped another hit track, “1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot”. This track was his second song to be RIAA-Certified Platinum.

More importantly, it received over 170 million streams on Spotify. This track was followed by another successful one: the song” Knockout.” 

Overall, the popularity of Gravy rose at a fast pace in 2017.

Up to the Professional Level

In 2018, Gravy entered a new, more professional era in his career by signing with Republic Records. This contract was the turning point in the trajectory of the American rapper.

In the middle of that year, Gravy released the “Snow Cougar” album. It was his first album under the label name of the company.

The album achieved high digital sales. As a result, Gravy went on his first live performance later in the same year.

He performed all around the US along with other names like Caleon Fox and BBNO$. Soon after, he toured the United Kingdom in multiple live performances.

Gravy’s audience was in an appointment with another new hit album, “Sensational, “in 2019. This album featured Lil Baby, Pouya, BBNO$, and Juicy J.

It achieved terrific sales on digital platforms, CDs, and vinyl. That way, Gravy toured the United States, performing the new album at various festivals.

He also returned to performing on the European stages at festivals in Antwerp and Manchester.

COVID-19 Outbreak

In 2020, Gravy collaborated with his old friend BBNO$ to produce “Baby Gravy 2”. This album achieved notable commercial success.

However, the album’s success wasn’t accompanied by live performances as typical. Covid-19 hit out of the blue, putting everything on hold.

The pandemic resulted in canceling all the live performance plans for the new album. The on-site promotion stopped, and Gravy’s expectations were devastated.

Not too long after, Gravy got back to work again. He saw the lockdown as an opportunity to do what he loves the most: writing songs.

Gravy decided to write as many songs as possible for future work. At that time, he was closely connected with many other musicians like his friend BBNO$  and Young Dolph.

He collaborated with those friends to write the new lyrics. In addition, He asked the producer Y2K for help crafting beats for the songs they wrote.

By the fall of 2020, Yung Gravy had finished working on his album “Gasanova.” and released it digitally. The track “Oops!!!” went viral once the album was dropped. It continued to receive massive streams until 2021.

Because of this immense success, Gravy shot a music video for the song. He released the music video at the beginning of 2021.

The video received over 10 million views on YouTube. It was the first professional music video for Gravy.

Back to Stage

Gravy's latest single Betty (Get Money) onto Hot 100 on Billboard
Source: Billboard

Gravy desperately waited for the announcement of the quarantined end so that he could return to live performances and speed up the song production pace.

In the Summer of 2021, the world opened up again. Once the quarantine ended, Yung Gravy had a plethora of songs he had written during the lockdown months.

That way, in 2021, he released three EPs. The EPs are Tracy’s Ultimate Fitness Mix, Gravy Train Down Memory Lane 1, and Gravy Train Down Memory Lane 2.

Unfortunately, none of the three achieved the expected success like the previous album: Gasanova. They only brought relatively decent commercial sales.

Still, Gravy went on a tour to the UK to perform in The Lyric Oxford. Plus, he showed up at multiple festivals all around the US. Unlike the albums, the live performances in 2021 had the highest ticket sales in Gravy’s career.

At the beginning of 2022, Gravy released the “Hot Tub” track featuring the rapper T-Pain. The song received over eight streams on Spotify.

Then, he dropped the 4-track mini album “Cake and Cognac” in collaboration with Dillon Francis. Gravy and Francis went on multiple tours in the US. to promote the new album.

In June 2022, Gravy released his most successful single ever: Betty (Get Money). It hit over 30 million views on YouTube and went viral for months on TikTok.

Equally important, it achieved massive commercial success. Better still, this single secured the 68th position on the Billboard Hot 100.

Yung Gravy Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Yung Gravy has a net worth of $3 million.

Yung Gravy has made his fortune mainly from his music endeavors. This includes digital streaming revenues, live performances, and record deals.

It’s estimated that the American rapper makes around $300 thousand in annual income from these music-related activities.

The 26-year-old rapper has a long record of music pieces. He’s released four albums, eight EPs, one mixtape, and over 20 singles. All of these bring continuous revenues.

He also owns a 1.6 million-subscriber YouTube channel, where he uploads some of his music videos.

The channel brings around 21 million views a month. So, it’s expected to generate between $5,000 and $84,000 monthly in revenue.

Plus, Gravy obtains an excellent income stream by endorsing many brands on his 2.1 million-follower Instagram account. He works as a model for several fashion brands as well.

Additionally, Gravy owns a merchandise store called Creamium. The store sells multiple clothing and accessory items.

The American rapper has made a decent fortune from his music career. Maybe in the next few, he’ll secure a spot among the richest rappers in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Did the Name Yung Gravy Come From?

Two sources inspired Gravy to choose his stage name. The first source is the Swedish rapper Yung Lean. The second inspiration is a line Gravy was rapping about.

Gravy said that he was rapping a line about ‘gravy’ and ‘wavy,’ and these words stuck with him for a while.

Then, combining these two terms with Yung Lean’s name, he came up with “Yung Gravy.”

Why Is Yung Gravy So Popular?

Yung Gravy has a unique approach to making music. He mixes old-fashioned hip-hop with modern trap music and adds a bit of humor and funk tone to them.

So, he provides new music many find innovative. This is probably the reason for his popularity.

Is Yung Gravy in a Relationship?

A lot of news stated that Yung Gravy is in a relationship with Addison Rae’s mom. Though, he declared being a single man.

He commented on this news, “Everyone thinks that if you appear with someone, you must be in a relationship with them.”

Key Takeaways

Success and Failure Are Twins

As you notice, throughout Yung Gravy’s career, some of his tracks failed to get the expected attention. Others achieved tremendous success.

This scenario is replicated in almost all successful people’s real stories. Most people we look up to have more fruitless projects and pieces of art than successful ones.

However, no one mentions these failed projects simply because it’s not appealing to talk about failure.

Be Ready with a Plan B

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Yung Gravy’s projects stopped, yet, he didn’t give up. Instead, he utilized the lockdown time to craft plenty of new songs’ lyrics and beats.

He found a way to push forward even when everything is on hold. That way, once the quarantine finished, he was ready for the upcoming chapter and released many tracks.

1 + 1 = 5

Collaborations always pay off. When you cooperate with someone who shares the same goal, you will likely achieve insane results.

This happened when Gravy collaborated with BBNO$ in two EPs: “Baby Gravy1” and “Baby Gravy2”. The two EPs received great exposure, increasing the two rappers’ popularity.