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Steve Muelz

For our fifth interview, we had on the 26-year-old freelance videographer and visual artist, Steve Muelz. Steve has been working in videography for over 3 years now. For him, it all started with passing out flyers around his campus. He’d promote his vlog where he would record himself making meals, working out, and even offering motivational advice.

Through his efforts, he was able to gain a large following on campus. Unfortunately, after he graduated from college, he lost almost all of his following and had to start from square one. He knew it would be a grind, but with hard work and patience, he was able to turn himself into a successful freelancer, collaborating with companies from, College Babes, and has even been reposted by artists like DaBaby, Chris Brown, and Megan Thee Stallion on Instagram.

Steve muelz

In This Episode, You’ll Learn

How Steve was able to pursue his passion even after college, take calculated risks, manage the pitfalls, and turn his personality into his greatest asset. You’ll also learn how he kept faith even though his family and friends doubted him along the way.

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Steve’s Instagram, Steve
Steve Muelz Vibing on Instagram

“The whole campus was like looking at what I was gonna do. I couldn’t just give them no content.”

“I feel like everything we do in college is practice for what’s to come. God giving me a foreshadow like ‘lemme show you what a little attention is and see how you deal with it.'”

“Life is like a book and every day is a page of your book. You can’t let other people write your book.”

“It’s not what you’ve done in the past. It’s what you’re going to do from this day forward.”