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For our fourth interview, we had the founder of Navadise Media, Casey Nava. Casey was an athlete for most of his adolescent life until he suffered from a tragic car accident that confined him to a wheelchair for quite some time. In overcoming this life obstacle, Casey discovered an entirely new passion: videography and photography.

Casey, at just the age of 18, built his first drone and pitched an idea to a local golf course to take a photo of their course for marketing imagery. From there, Navadise Media was born. His company and his story has landed him multiple business accounts and even as a speaker for a Tedx Talk.


Casey Nava

How he started his company, how he pitched his idea to initial customers, and how he turned an unfortunate circumstance into a newfound passion. You’ll also learn how he expanded his business to deal with different types of customers and what advice he would give to any aspiring entrepreneur on getting started with their business.

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“[how do you deal with tragic events]… Feel super appreciative of everything you have in life already. Try to funnel your energy into something else that you can control in each moment.”

“[to combine passions with personal life]… I think it’s super important. I think it makes the process easier… you just pull that additional work out of yourself.”

“One big thing about college, in general, is its networking really… later in life I can’t tell you how much business I’ve gotten from like people that I went to college with, who I had fun with.”

“Whatever you’re passionate about, whatever idea you have, just go do it. Don’t hold off.”

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