Rick Macci Net Worth

Rick Macci Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Rick Macci is?

Rick Macci is an American tennis coach best known for training the iconic duo: Serena and Venus Williams.

As of May 2023, Rick Macci has a net worth of more than $2 million. This post dives into how Rick Macci became a veteran coach in the world of tennis.

Early Life

Rick Macci, born on December 7, 1954, was born and raised in Greenville, Ohio, with his parents, Santi and Norma Macci.

Rick comes from a family of sports lovers. Both his parents were golf county champions, and his sister picked up swimming.

What was Rick’s chosen sport? Well, he didn’t pick just one at first.

During his childhood, Macci played a lot of different sports, including football, baseball, hockey, and basketball. He was also particularly good at golf.

Unfortunately, after Santi Macci died, Rick no longer had access to the golf club where he used to practice. So, at 12 years old, he picked up tennis simply because it was more convenient; the tennis court was close to his house, and it didn’t cost him much.

Little did young Macci know that it was the beginning of a legendary career as a tennis coach!

After graduating from Greenville Senior High School in 1973, he went to Wright State University.

For a while, Rick Macci entertained the idea of becoming a professional tennis player, but he realized his passion for teaching would win in the end. So, he decided to coach, and the rest is history!

Tennis Coaching

Ricci Macci pays tribute to Serena Williams
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Macci’s professional career took off in 1985 when he set up the Rick Macci International Tennis Academy. The academy was initially in Haines City, but Macci moved it to Delray Beach in 1992.

Over the years, Rick Macci worked with many tennis stars, including:

  • Anastasia Myskina
  • Serena Williams
  • Venus Williams
  • Maria Sharapova
  • Andy Roddick
  • Karim Alami
  • Vince Spadea
  • Mary Pierce
  • Gabrielle Price
  • Sofia Kenin
  • Tommy Ho
  • Jennifer Capriati

Portrayal in King Richard

Although Rick Macci coached many professional tennis players, his name became associated with the Williams sisters, especially after the release of the movie “King Richard.”

The movie stars Will Smith as Venus and Serena’s father, Richard Williams, and it highlights the story of a father who will stop at nothing to support his kids as they rise to the top.

The role of Venus Williams was played by Saniyya Sidney, while Demi Singleton played Serena Williams. Meanwhile, actor Jon Bernthal got the part of coach Rick Macci.

With a worldwide box office gross of a whopping $39 million, the movie did really well and put Rick Macci’s name under the spotlight.

Honors and Awards

Throughout his career as a USPTA Master Professional, Rick Macci:

  • Received the USTA’s USA Legendary Coach Award
  • Joined the USPTA Florida Hall of Fame in 2010
  • Joined the USPTA Hall of Fame in 2017
  • Produced (along with his team at the Macci Academy) 247 USTA national championships since 1985

Rick Macci Net Worth 2023

As of May 2023, Rick Macci has a net worth of more than $2 million.

The majority of Rick Macci’s net worth comes from his career as a tennis coach and consultant.

Rick Macci also got paid for the movie “King Richard.” He did say that he was happy with the deal, but it’s not clear how much he received.

In the movie, Macci trained Venus Williams for free but was supposed to get a 15% cut from her future salary as a tennis pro. However, there’s no conclusive evidence that he got this cut at all.

Plus, the legendary coach wrote the book “Macci Magic.” So, that’s one more revenue stream to consider.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What did Rick Macci think of King Richard?

Rick Macci found the story well told. He even praised how each of the cast members tackled their respective roles.

For one, he believed Will Smith would get an Oscar for his role. He also thought Jon Bernthal did a good job portraying his character.

Why and when did Macci stop coaching the Williams sisters?

Rick Macci stopped training the duo in 1995. By then, Venus Williams had landed a $12-million contract with Reebok, but she had to end her coaching sessions with Macci.

While negotiating the compensation, Rick Macci and Richard Williams had a fallout. They didn’t speak until after the release of the movie.

Is Rick Macci still coaching?

Yes, Macci still coaches students of all ages at his tennis academy in Boca Raton. However, he doesn’t seem to take on more than 50 students in any given week.

How old is Rick Macci?

Rick Macci is 68 years old.

Key Takeaways

Your Greatest Strength Is Knowing Your Weakness

Rick Macci realized from the get-go that he might not have what it takes to excel as a tennis player. Instead, he made the right call when he chose to divert his energy to coaching.

With his teaching potential, he helped shape many tennis stars.

Good Routine and Hard Work Pay Off

Rick Macci made it a habit to get up at 3:30 in the morning. After a running session, he hits the tennis court around 6.

Although it sounds like a tough routine, Macci’s passion fuels him to keep up the hard work!

Getting Along With People Is an Art

When some people saw the movie “King Richard,” they wondered how coach Macci put up with Richard Williams for years.

However, Macci knew how to maneuver the delicate relationships in his work and personal life, even if it meant embracing silence to avoid conflict.

The American tennis coach also maintained a good relationship with Venus and Serena Williams years after he stopped coaching them.