Polo G Net Worth

Polo G Net Worth

Have you ever wondered what the net worth of Polo G is? As one of the most popular rappers in the hip-hop game today, he has definitely built a resume for himself.

However, you’d be surprised to learn that life was not always easy for Polo G. He had to make something out of nothing, which is a true rags-to-riches story.

As of May 2023, Polo G has a net worth of $7 million. In this post, we’ll show you how what you can learn from his story.

Early Life

Taurus Tremani Bartlett was born on January 6, 1999, in the Old Town area of Chicago, Illinois. He was raised by Taurus Bartlett and Stacia Mac.

Polo G grew up with three siblings: two sisters and a brother. Growing up in Chicago, tragedy, and death were all too familiar to Polo G.

As detailed in his rap songs, the young artist has lost many friends throughout the years.

He was raised in Marshall Field Garden Projects in the Northside of Chicago. Polo G spent much time in trouble and fighting in and out of school.

To stay out of trouble, the young boy began writing music.

Polo G wrote his first rap song at the age of 8 years old. However, he didn’t make it into the studio until he was around 17 years old.

He then recorded his first rap video around the age of 18 years old.


Polo G net worth
Source: Rolling Stone

During his latest incarceration, some of Polo G’s inmates challenged him to focus on music. It was at this point that the rapper began taking music seriously.

He released a mixtape titled ‘Neva Cared’ and went on to release his first officially recorded song to YouTube, titled ‘ODA.’

In 2018, Polo G created a SoundCloud account and released the song ‘Gang With Me’ to the platform. The song was an instant hit, gaining millions of plays within a few months of its release.

Later in the year, Polo G released the track, ‘Finer Things.’ The song propelled him further into the limelight.

But the single ‘Pop Out’ featuring Lil Tjay truly positioned Polo as one of the most promising rappers of his generation.

Released in early 2019, ‘Pop Out’ peaked at #11 on the Billboard Hot 100. The music video to the song racked up more than 200 million YouTube views.

After the success of ‘Pop Out,’ Polo G signed a recording contract with Columbia Records.

His debut album, Die a Legend, eventually came on June 7, 2019. The album was a commercial success, peaking at number 6 on the US Billboard 200. The album also went on to be certified platinum

Since then, he has released two more albums, The Goat and Hall Of Fame and Hall Of Fame 2.0. All albums saw great success, with The Goat being the better of the three as it obtained double platinum status, while both Hall Of Fame albums only went platinum.

Starting Only Dreamers Achieve (ODA) Records

In September 2020, Polo G founded his record label known as ODA Records. ODA, which stands for ‘Only Dreamers Achieve,’ is a joint venture between Polo and Columbia Records.

There hasn’t been much talk about ODA in recent years, and there isn’t much Instagram activity on their page either, with only one post.

However, even with the record label not blowing up, Polo G has still found a way to stay relevant in the rap game.

Personal Life

Polo G is not just a great rapper but also a father. He has a son Tremani, who was born on July 6, 2019. His son is currently three years old.

He also has a girlfriend, Crystal Blease, who is also the mother to his son.

Polo G has a cousin as well, fellow rapper PGF Nuk. The two are close, and Polo G was featured in PGF Nuk’s song, “Waddup.”

Polo G Net Worth

As of May 2023, Polo G has a net worth of $7 million dollars. Considering he is only 22 years old, this is a very impressive net worth for his age.

Due to his success, he has collaborated with many famous artists such as Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Da Baby, and Young Thug.

With the momentum and popularity he holds in the rap game, it’s no question this net worth will only continue to increase.

A majority of Polo G’s net worth comes directly from album sales, tour performances, streaming royalties, and fan merchandise.

Polo G has consistently given back to both his family and his old community. While he now has riches beyond his wildest dreams, he’s never lacked humility.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the height of Polo G?

Polo G is five feet 9 inches.

What is Polo G’s real name?

His real name is Taurus Tremani Bartlett.

How old is Polo G?

Polo G was born on January 6, 1999, making him 24 years old.

Is Polo G dead?

Back in 2021, rumors were circulating that Polo G overdosed on drugs and died. However, the rumors were proven false, and Polo G is still alive.

Nonetheless, in his THE GOAT album, he talked about his struggles with drug addiction and how he gave up drug use after a near-death experience with Xanax.

Is Polo G in a gang?

While Polo G has never confirmed this, back in October 2020, Polo G tweeted, “…But anyway Gdk,” a slogan that means ‘gangster disciple killer.’

This slogan is used by Chicago’s ‘Black Disciples’ gang, an enemy gang to the Gangster Disciples, started by Larry Hoover. So we can assume Polo G is affiliated with the ‘Black Disciples’ Chicago gang.

When is Polo G’s next album?

Although Polo G has not officially announced he is launching a new album, he hinted at it on his Twitter account on October 15, 2022, when he tweeted, “I’m otw.”

Since that tweet, he has released two new singles in the latter half of 2022, “Bag Talk” and “My All.”

Key Takeaways

Always Stay True To Your Roots

Despite achieving riches beyond his wildest dreams, Polo G has never lost sight of where his origins began. In many interviews, Polo G reportedly said he’d like to buy the project complex he was raised in.

Similar to Polo G, it’s important that we try our hardest to remain humble and never lose sight of where we come from.

Never Give Up

Growing up on the south side of Chicago, Polo G had many negative distractions growing up. While succumbing to these pressures could have been easy, he kept his head down and never gave up. Similarly, we should strive to accomplish anything with determination and purpose.

Collaborate With Others

In the rap game, collaboration with similar artists is a very powerful tool to get your name out there. Polo G understood this early and sought to network and collaborate with as many artists as possible.

It is important to collaborate and connect with like-mind individuals. In doing so, we can see immense success in whatever we do!